Be the absolute best you can be.

Dare To Lead - 3 Ways How

1. Introduce yourself to 5 new people: Making friends is the easiest way to make memories.

2. Believe in yourself and your abilities: If you don't believe in yourself why should anyone else?

3. Start a Movement: Make a positive change to the world.

What will you be remembered for?

Today is the best day to start to LEAVE YOUR LEGACY. The only way to leave our mark is to do something worth remembering. MAKE AN IMPACT. Be the one to inspire others to follow your example. HAVE A PURPOSE.

Mike Smith

"Speak for the silent and stand for the broken."

What does that mean?

Not all of us have the courage or the strength to speak for themselves. The silent do not have the courage and the broken do not have the strength.

KINDNESS is the only language that the DEAF CAN HEAR and the BLIND CAN SEE.

How will you leave your PHS legacy? Just a few ways how:

This is your chance to make a positive difference in the world around you, take advantage!