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August 2013 Newsletter

Big Hootie Hoot!!

Gotta send out some Big Hootie Hoots! We all know that the summer months are the hardest time our business but you keep on working hard & it shows.

Our Team has grown to a total of 42 Designers!! We gained 2 New Team Members in July. Welcome to all our New Team Members!

Team Volume
Our Team did Great with a Team Volume of $6,023!

Top 3 Personal Volume for June
1. Sheila Johnson $990
2. Denise Booth $662
3. Mauricea Charles $548

Top Mentors
Added 1: Jennifer Beavers, Karrie Spears

Way to Go!!!

Welcome New Designers!!

Welcome to the team! I know you have been waiting a while to get started and wanted to let you know that we are here for you to help get your business off to a successful start.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your mentor to help guide you through the process. I'd also ask them to provide you with your upline's contact information, especially since a lot of designers are traveling this time of year. If you are unable to reach your mentor, I'm your Team Leader and I can be reached at Our Executive Team Leader is Jodi Ocken and she can be reached at Our direct to corporate Director is Kristine Stevens and her email address is

New Back Office

At the Annual Convention, they announced that they would be rolling out a Brand New Back Office this Fall. It is supposed to help streamline our business.

A few fun facts;

The new Back Office is going to have the same look and feel of the O2 website.

  • It will feature a single log-in to access orders, the O2 Document Library, News Feeds and more
  • It's searchable, so you'll have what you're looking for right at your fingertips
  • It will include an all-new O2 Loop, which will function as an online Designer "Forum for Good" - a place where both The Nest and Designers will be able to share business tips, successes, inspirational stories and amazing experiences.

You'll be hearing much more about this new system in the coming days and weeks; training is already in the works and is coming your way soon!

Farewell O2 Loop

As we prepare for the new and improved Back Office, we’re going to deactivate the current O2 Loop (, effective midnight EST on Friday, Aug. 16.

When it re-launches, as part of the new corporate Back Office, it will be unveiled with a whole new purpose – a “Forum for Good”!

That’s right – it’ll be THE place to go to get great business tips and practices, ideas on how to display and sell products, news on upcoming promotions, incentives, amazing inspirational stories from The Nest and fellow Designers, and more!

The new O2 Loop will not be administered by Designer Care and Designer Care issues will not be allowed on the site. So if you need assistance, please contact our friendly Designer Care team directly! The new Loop is no place for negative comments of any kind, so we’ll keep the space friendly and upbeat by removing any negativity. It’s a place where we’ll be living totally by the Golden Rule!

In the meantime, if you felt connected to Origami Owl primarily through O2 Loop, we have some other suggestions:

  • Stay connected to your Mentor and upline leaders, reach out to your team’s Director and find out how to get on her Facebook Team Page. All Directors and even some Executive Team Leaders and Team Leaders have them.

  • All Directors (and most ETLs) have their own newsletters; get on those mailing lists as well

  • Plan to attend regional team trainings, conducted by your local Directors, and often supported by O2 corporate staff

Close those Jewelry Bars

Be sure to close out your Jewelry Bars in the Party Tab within 3 weeks of the Jewelry Bar Date or The Nest will automatically close it for you. You don't want to miss out on adding your Hostess Rewards or any other orders.

Save BIG on Business Cards

Business cards are an important networking tool and an O2 business must-have. Hand them out to people you meet on the plane, in restaurants and even to other Designers. There is no easier way to spread the word about your business! That’s why we’re extending our business card promotion through August 31. We want to help you succeed!

Check out these great deals!

250 Qty Was $29.99 Now Only $23.99
500 Qty Was $39.50 Now Only $32.50
1,000 Qty Was $49.50 Now Only $41.50
5,000 Qty Was $99.00 Now Only $90.00

Choose from 16 fabulous designs complete with stylish photography and colorful details highlighting our O2 brand.

Don’t miss out, visit to order your cards today!

Hostess Exclusive Clarification

Hostesses will receive the Hostess Exclusive for the month in which the Jewelry Bar® is closed, not necessarily the one in which it was held or opened in your Back Office. To receive the August Hostess Exclusive, you have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on August 31 to close your Jewelry Bar. Hostesses of Jewelry Bars closed after August 31 will receive the September Hostess Exclusive. This will be the case each month going forward.

Missing Items Form

The forms can continue to be submitted through our online contact form at Origami Owl's main website. As an option, we have also created a fax line dedicated to Missing Items Forms at 480-339-1126.

Moving forward, missing item requests sent through our now-retired email ( or to our general fax number will no longer be accepted after midnight PST on Sunday, July 28th.

Whoo Wants to go to National Convention in 2014

Be sure to get in on the Early Bird Special. Registration is only $175 for a limited time.

Origami Owl’s National Convention, The O2 Experience, is landing in Downtown Phoenix on July 24 - 26, 2014, bringing thousands of Designers from across the country to the hometown of The Nest.

This special event is all about making connections, telling your story, growing your business and discovering the balance we all seek in our lives. The weekend will include training, BIG announcements, product previews, inspiration, exclusive time with your teams and so much more! Whether you are a Team Leader or a brand-new Designer, this event will change how you approach your Origami Owl business.

So Who's Invited?
All active Origami Owl Designers, their co-applicant partner, their Daughters (at least 14 years of age) and Designers in Waiting (DIWs) are invited to attend The O2 Experience.

Be sure to register ASAP by clicking here.

{Regional Training Event}

Are you wanting some training but just can't travel all the way to Arizona. Here are some possibly more convenient Training events.

9/7/13 - Louisville, Ky - More Info
9/14/13 - Columbus, OH - More Info
9/28/13 - Sanford, NC - 9-4pm at Dennis Wicker Civic Center - More details to come.

How to Contact the Nest

  • Designer Care/Customer Care - 888.491.0331 (M-F / 8 - 9 EST)

Send a message by using the Origami Owl Contact Form. You can find it here.

Have you joined my Facebook Group?

I have made a FB group for all of my downline (Hint: If you receive this email, you are on my downline :) . Click here Mountaineer Memory Makers Helpful Tip Group to add yourself to the group. I have plenty of shareable photos, FB post ideas and hints to help your O2 Business grow.

Let's make AUGUST our Best Month Ever!!

Kristin Collins, Independent Designer

Mountaineer Memory Makers