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Bakery Business Final Event

Bakery Business Final Event

Wednesday, March 12th, 3pm

675 S 15th St

Marion, IA

High School Cafeteria

We have a sweet deal for you!

The Marion High School Bakery students are showcasing their businesses on Wednesday, March 12 from 3-5 pm in the high school cafeteria. Students, parents, and community are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Eight student groups will be selling a variety of unique baked goods at reasonable prices. Proceeds from this event will benefit upcoming projects of the Marion High School Family and Consumer Sciences department.

Some of our businesses...

Cookies, Etc!

Fresh. flavorful, and fantastic baked and raw chocolate chip cookies and dough!

We sell baked and raw (eggs omitted!) chocolate chip cookies and dough!

Baked Cookies 4/$1, Dough Shots $.50 each

Joe's Cinnamon Buns

You Just Can't Beat what we've got to eat!


Monkey Madness

We offer a soft, gooey, bread with a hint of cinnamon. This monkey bread will make you go bananas for more!


Blissful Blondies

You will adore our yummy chewy blonde brownies and it will make you come back for more! Not good, not just okay, but wonderful.

Smores Galore

The Smore Galore is a smore bar that is made with a homemade graham cracker crust and is a treat that is going to explode flavor in your mouth. The rich milk chocolate and marshmallow makes a good treat for any occation and is sure to please anyone who takes a bite!

This recipe won this term's Great Cookie Challenge!


Dough Dunkin Brownies

If you want to eat first class come on down to the Dough Dunkin Brownies, it's the clever way to eat.

If you like chocolate then come on down to our business, we have chocolate chip cookie dough browines. The browines are on the bottom with a choice of one scoop of cookie dough on top or two.

$1.25 for large brownie with 2 scoops of dough

*Egg-free dough!


BACON...need I say more?

Sweet, savory cupcakes of intricate design

Thank you for supporting this valuable student experience!

Contact Information

These goodies will go fast! To pre-order, contact teacher Kayla Pins.


Bite sized is best!

We're selling soft, salty, and yummy pretzel bites served with smooth cheese sauce.