Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Feb. 8-11th of 2016

Tidbits From the Teacher

Greetings Everyone!

This week will be very busy with many projects, reviews, and activities going on around here. Please make sure that Valentine boxes and cards are at school by Wednesday. We enjoy looking at the boxes and getting excited about the party!!


Homework will be all about reviewing for our upcoming math test. There will be a nightly assignment that we'll go over the next morning in class. Be sure and bring your Everything Notebook to school each day!

STAAR Ready Testing

Mondays: Feb. 22nd and Feb. 29th

Please make sure your child is at school on these dates and please do not schedule doctor appointments or vacations on these days. We will be taking a “mock” STAAR test these days. We will use this information to modify our instruction in the months of March and

April in preparation for the STAAR test. Also, please do not print STAAR release tests and give them to your child. We will be using those tests and if your child has already taken them or studied them, then it will skew our data and the help that we are able to provide to all students.

Students can begin bringing in GUM to be used on these days. If a student can't have gum, lollipops or some other substitute may be used.

Wish List

HUGE THANK YOU's go to Jenna and her family! They donated a giant bag of socks and several pairs of headphones to our class this past week.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

Dates to Remember

Feb. 12th: Valentine's Parties (breakfast for just the class) + Math DCA later in the day

Feb. 15th: No School for students

Feb. 22nd: STAAR Ready Practice Test

Feb. 29th: STAAR Ready Practice Test

What We're Studying and Learning...


Students are working on finding the connections between cause and effect in reading.


We will be continuing to work on finding the perfect writing partner and working on adding inferences into our writing. Students are learning several new strategies to gather ideas in their Writer's Notebooks.


We will continue our unit will exploring the x9 multiplication strategies and we’ll spend time working on division problems. When working on division, the focus will be on connecting the multiplication strategy to the related division fact.

Our DCA 10 & 11 test will be Friday.


Students are learning about the origin and purpose of the water cycle. Students will create a water cycle model and write about the process and its functions.

Social Studies-

We are continuing to research our country of heritage. Students are finding not only

the ethnic dress, but also foods, religion, geography, and natural resources to name just a few of the topics. They will use this information to create short paragraphs and make a research paper about their country of choice.

Upcoming Valentine's Party

Party Request Link

Since the entire school is celebrating Valentine's on the same day, we will be taking a different approach to the party situation.

Each third grade class will be having a Valentine's Breakfast for students only. We are asking that parents not attend this gathering but reserve their energy for our end of year celebration which will take all of us to do!

We are in need of a few items so if you would kindly take a look and see if there is anything you can supply, we'd appreciate it greatly.

I promise to take loads of pictures and get them on a page as quick as I can!

ALL STUDENTS will need a Valentine's Box. They will be creating these at home as homework starting next week.

Everyone in the class will need to bring in cards for each classmate too!

So... start looking for a large enough box (about the size of an adult shoe box or bigger) and think about what kind of theme you want for your box.

More info on the box will be going out on Feb. 1st!