Maine Biologist

By: Tallon S.

Job Description

The jobs a marine biologist does are running school projects, training courses and marine biological research. Over 1500 species of fungi are known from marine environments. Some of the animals that marine biologists study are sea turtles, sea snakes and saltwater crocodiles.

facts and research nessacery to do this job.

Facts and education on water and on mammals. Also you need to know many facts on fungi. And you need to know many facts on animals like sea turtles and sea snakes.

Salary range

The salary range is $ 57,430 per year and 27.61 per hour.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

The relationship between them is that you're helping the water and animals have a healthy and green life.

Some Pictures of things that marine biologist study while on the job


The advantages to being a marine biologist is that you get paid a lot. And you
get to work with really cool animals. Also you always are doing really cool things.


You work most days. And very long hours. Also you may haft to work with animals you absolutely hate like sharks or jellyfish.

more interesting facts

You don't just study the mammals, you study the water too. coral reefs provide habitats for
tube sponges which provide homes for fish.


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