Interview with Mr. Lambert

By: Keommi Bond

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"What kind of Preparation did you have for this job?"

"Four Year college degree in music education from Stephen F. Austin University; many hours of watching successful and unsuccessful band directors, choir directors, and coaches."

"What have you learned since you became a band Director that you didn't know before hand?"

"The amount of preparation time it takes to be successful."

"What is the best part about being a band director?"

"Working with the students and seeing them succeed."

"What's the most challenging Aspect of your job?"

"Motivating students to do their best."

"What advice would you give someone considering a teaching career like yours?"

"Get out and see teachers teach, find somewhere you can start teaching something and see if you like teaching it. Just because you like the subject does not mean you would like teaching it."

"What motivated you to become a band director?"

"I was motivated to be a band director and to be my best, by my junior high band director- Mr. Guidry. i try to pass this along to my students. I want my students to be able to be the best person they can be."

"20 years ago, did you think you'd be here?"

"I did not know that I would be in Brownwood, Texas, but I knew I would be a successful band director somewhere in Texas."

"How does being a band director affect you?"

"I know that I am helping students and I hope to teach them things that will help them throughout life."
I thank Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Cockerham for this opportunity to learn more about the job I am interested in.