Mar 18, 2020

NEDP- Bringing the Fun!

Do you have some bookworms at home? We would love to hear from them! If you've got children at home who absolutely love reading and have some good suggestions for their friends, have them email us! We will include book recommendations as part of our daily buzz special edition of News & Notes.

We are missing all of our friends and thinking fondly of the time we spend having fun and playing together.

Reina's Cloud Jars

Lots of our NEDP teachers have kids at home with them. Jen Hansford's daughter, Reina sent us the following great suggestions. Enjoy!

Cloud Cluster Jars or Bottles-

Food coloring (works best) or a drop of light colored paint if no food coloring.

Cotton balls

Clear Jar or bottle (with a lid/cover)

Glitter (optional)- use over the top of a shoebox to avoid mess :)


Fill bottle or jar 3/4 full of water and then add a drop of food coloring or light colored paint and shake. Add cotton balls and shake again. Add glitter if you want. Shake again and tape the top of the jar/bottle closed. You now have a Cloud Cluster Jar. The more you shake and the cotton breaks apart, the cooler it becomes.

Reina's Math Card Game

Salute - 3 person game using cards where you have to figure out the # you have held to your forehead.

Materials- a deck of cards #’s 2-10
Or for a challenge, use Aces as 1’s, Jacks as 11’s, Queens as 12’s and Kings as 13’s.

Shuffle the cards and deal all of the cards into 2 piles. Can play with more people, make the appropriate # of piles. Each player that’s not the captain takes a pile.

1 person is the Captain who says “Salute” and will be responsible for saying the sum of the cards.

When the players are told “Salute” they hold a card from their pile without looking at it up to their forehead facing the captain. The captain says the sum of the cards and the players have to figure out what # they have on their forehead. The 1st person to say the correct # on their forehead gets the cards. After so many rounds or until the deck is gone, switch Captains.

This game could be played virtual on Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts with video chat feature. Each using their own deck of course.

Have fun and work on those math skills. This game could be played with multiplication too.