The Monkey Paw

By: Mya Bianco

About the story.

This story is about Mr. White wanted 200 pounds as his first wish off of the Monkey Paw with his son, but his friend who gave it to him warned him with every wish comes a price so after he made that one wish his only son was killed at work by a machinary that he worked with and killed him his parents lived in sorrow.


That suprised me because When the main conflict happened I thought what are they going to do now? Is Mr. White going to use the other two wishes? Will he get rid of the Monkey Paw for good? I had no clue so as I read I see this "Paw!" said Mrs. White to her husband he asked "What?" she said "Make a wish we still have two you can bring our son back." That suprised me because then i knew she was going a little crazy. And what also surprised me when Mr. White wished him away because he was scared that he would look different so thats how he used his two wishes. One to wish him there and one to wish him gone.

The Conflict

The conflict in the story started as Mr. and Mrs. White's son died at his own job but then they recived 200 pounds. The plot is basically starting from sargent major came over as an exposition them when sargent major gave the paw to Mr. White and then he made his wish killed his son as the climax, the falling action was Mrs. White wanting her son back and the resoulution was the son disappering from the door. but they didn't realize it would kill there only son. So for ten days they both were quiet, sad, depressed and heart broken. Then as Mr. and Mrs. White were lying in bed in a dark room, Mrs. White realizes they still have two more wishes then she tells her husband but at first he refused it. As his wife kept talking she forced him to go downstairs and get the monkey paw. He made the wish but he heard a knock on the door. Then he ran back upstairs and went into his bed. Then the wife heard the knock she runs downstairs but Mr. White was tring to stop her but before she could open the door Mr. White made his final wish and wish his son away.
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The Characters

The characters were very mischivious. Like Mr. White and his son, they were so curious if what the paw could do it killed Mr. White's son. Mrs. White on the other hand was the tipical housewife who cooks, cleans and takes care of the house. And finally there's sargent major Morris who is a good friend but is very cousish of things. like in this picture it has sargent major and Mr. White discusing the Monkey Paw.


Sargent-Major told Mr. White to be carful what you wish for. and basically thats the theme. Because when you wish off of the Monkey Paw it comes with a twist. Mr. Whits wished for 200 pounds but it eneded up killing his only son.