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We Got This!

Hi everybody-

I know that this process has been overwhelming and is bringing a range of emotions out of families and students. We are here to support you and answer any questions that you may have.

We met with staff on Friday to go over health and safety procedures & questions and put some universal social/emotional supports in place for our return. As we transition back into in person learning, please know that as a staff we are all in different places with our comfort levels for return. We are happy that our students are returning, but we are also working through our own emotions and processing all of the ways that school will be different.

Whether you opted to return to in person learning or remain online for second quarter, we are all still Robinson staff and students. We want to continue to stay connected to our virtual and in person staff and students. We will be working to brainstorm activities and ways to keep our connections strong no matter where you are.

There are still many details for us to finalize, and please know that we are working as hard and as fast as we can. Some things are still changing. We appreciate your patience as we work through our planning process. I am sharing the information that we have in this newsletter to help you to understand what in person school will look like for our students. As we finalize plans this week, I will communicate those in the newsletter next week.

Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or if I can provide support in any way.

Take Care-


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Theme Days- ' Wacky Wednesday"

Each week we will have a different fun theme for kids on Wednesday. This Wednesday's theme is Superhero Day. Kids and Staff, please wear your Superhero attire this week. I will put this in my Sunday newsletter, please also put it in your newsletter this week and send a reminder text the night before to families. This will be a fun way to get past the middle of the week each week. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Send pics please:)
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Details for our return plan

School is very different this year. It is essential that you note all of the changes that we will need to implement due to our health and safety precautions.

Click to view our arrival procedures- arrival time begins at 8:25 and all students should be in the building by 8:45

Click to view what a students day will look like (we will have grade level schedules ready for next week's newsletter).

Click to view Lunch, Recess, and Specials Details- In order to reduce the risk of exposure for our specials teachers, we have moved to a new ABCDE Calendar for our in person students. Students will have a designated special every day for one week. Click here to view the new calendar- click here to view the specials assignment by letter day for each teacher.

Click to view our dismissal procedures- dismissal time begins at 3:15

We have students in our preschool room using our playgrounds until 5:00. Families cannot be on our playground equipment until they leave at 5:00. Thank you for your compliance.

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Classroom Setup

Thank you to the custodial crew! They have been busy helping to move tables, desks, chairs, and spread them out in classrooms to ensure the greatest amount of social distancing as possible. We have done a deep clean and we are ready for kids to return to sparkling clean classrooms!

See below for pictures and videos of some of our classrooms. Our teachers have not been in to decorate yet, but we wanted to show you the spacing and set up that our square footage permits for our social distancing.

Click here to view video
from a 1st grade room

Click here to view video from a 3rd grade room

Click here to view video from a 5th grade room

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Teaching into our new normal at school

Please use the links to the storybooks below to share a video of me reading books that will help students with the reentry to school. It will be important to begin having conversations regarding reentry and new school expectations. I will begin making videos in the building and sharing these with you. Transitions are typically difficult for students and we anticipate that all of the changes that occur with this transition will be especially hard for students to process and acclimate to.

Please model mask wearing periodically and begin to have students begin to practice mask wearing while on zoom to help build their stamina.

I also included a covid 19 activity book and board game that you can use with kids.

Below these are pictures of the signage that you can start sharing with kids and explain what they mean. I've put pictures of our building and sample classrooms so that you all can start sharing what it will look like with your child.

Video explaining Coronavirus (4 minutes)

Video on Masks (Approx 1 minute)

Experiment to teach children why it is important to wash your hands (49 seconds)

Wash your hands dance (1:30)

Click here to view the Student Symptom Decision Tree. We will be using this for child illness and symptoms. We will be sending students home for symptoms we haven't previously.

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Is your child feeling disconnected from their peers?

Is your child seeking to feel more connected to their classmates or the school? Many families are in the same boat. Dr. OH and a parent are looking to form a connection committee that is neither PTO or school sponsored. The committee will connect, plan and implement fun and creative ways to keep our kids connected virtually and non-virtually this school year. If you are interested please e-mail We would love to work with families to help our kids connect to one another and our school. We hope you will consider joining this committee!
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We need your help cleaning up our grounds! PTO Outdoor Learning and Sustainability Committee

Come join us for our first outdoor workday of the school year! We'll be getting our spaces cleaned up and ready to use for when our students make their return to Robinson. Our outdoor spaces are going to be more important than ever this year! Come early, come late, stay for 30 minutes or 3 hours. No special skills needed. We will practice social distancing between families and ask people to wear masks when close to others.

When: October 10, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon (come at any time and stay for any length of time)

Where: Robinson Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) and Garden spaces

Who: Everyone is invited!

What: We will be cleaning out/weeding our garden spaces, doing some planting, and getting our outdoor spaces ready for our students again. You can check out the event page on the Robinson PTO FB group to see video of the spaces we'll be focusing on and hear about the plans for these spaces

Please bring shovels, hand shovels, gloves, etc. to work with if you have them.