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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - Week of 4.26.2020

A Message From Your Bishop Woods Family!

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Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

Thank you to the many families that continue to make contributions to our newsletter each week. Seeing the pictures and videos of our students really makes my day! Please be sure to check out all of the amazing pictures and videos of learning from home and Earth Day celebrations below!

Special thanks to Ms. Jaci Giammattei for coordinating the picture message above! It is great to see the smiling faces of our staff family as well! We hope this message makes you smile too:)

This week marks our 7th week learning from home, and our 4th week of school-wide online learning. Please remember that attendance is taken each day based on students that are accessing this platform and completing the daily assignments. If you are unsure of how to access Google Classroom, or are having any technical issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to any staff member at Bishop Woods...we can all guide you in the proper direction.

At this time, I am sure each of us knows someone that has been affected by Covid-19. Sadly, a number of our Bishop Woods family members have been impacted. Although this is such a difficult time, I urge you to focus on the TRIUMPHS over the tragedy, whether it be increased family time, the ability to observe how your child learns, increased understanding of technology, the ability to still work and earn an income, the supports that are provided by the community, or any other triumph that you can think of...please focus on the positives to help you appreciate this moment in our lives.

Lastly, the month of April is National Poetry Month, and this Tuesday, April 28th, is Great Poetry Reading Day! Poetry will be our focus this week. Please see activities and challenge highlighted below. There are many other ways to celebrate engage in poetry as well. Please send any picture and/or videos of how your family recognized this event.

Stay in & stay well,

Mrs. Natalino

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Birthdays this Week!

April 26th - Abeiku A. (Grade 8)

April 27th - Jeremiah K. (Grade 2), Juaquin O. (Grade 7)

April 28th- Daniela S. (Grade 5)

May 1st - Laniya D. (Grade 5)

May 2nd - Luis M. (Grade 8)

Pictures of the Week!

Please continue to send pictures of your children and families engaging in learning from home! Check out the pictures that were shared this week! Also, click on the link to see the video

Ms. Lehner's 3rd Grade Challenge!

Directions: Choose and item that you can find in your home. Come up with at least 1 way to REUSE that item in a different way.

Art Gallery: Earth Day Projects -Symmetrical Nature Art/Mandala

Thank you Ms. O'Brien for your work with our students on these amazing art projects!

Art Gallery: Giraffe's Can't Dance Art Project

Music SPotlight

Check out some of our musicians in the picture and videos below!

Contributing student videos (in order of appearance):

Brayana H., Grade K

Gianna D., Grade K

Congratulations to Juaquin O. (Gr. 7), Roberto O. (Gr. 1) and Kennedy Seiden...They are the WINNERS of our Spring Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Check out all of the items that they found!

Staff Spotlight

Rain In A Jar! Science with the Montone Family

April showers bring May flowers! Check out this very easy “Rain In A Jar” science experiment!


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Hands on Science with Dr. G!

Dissolving Plastic!

Check out the science demonstration below - brought to you by Dr. Gersch and his daughters, Maya and Madeline!

The Big Question is: Why does acetone dissolve plastic?

Email your wonderings to Dr. G at timothy.gersch@nhps.net. He will respond to your comments in a future post!

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April is National Poetry Month! See Poetry Challenge directions below!

Found Poetry Challenge

Cut out words or letters to create your own poem. If you don't have magazines at home, not a problem...just craft your own poem using fun letters or designs! Entries will be shared in next week's newsletter! See some samples below!

Free Resource for Learning from Home!

Tuesday, April 28th is Great Poetry Reading Day! Click on the link below to access a number of poems for children! You can choose your own poems to read as well!


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SEL Resources

After being in the house for a number of weeks, I am sure that many of us are in need of a vacation, just like our friend Abby C., Grade 4 (see video below)! I am sharing Abby's video, along with a link to many virtual vacation destinations, for you and your family to enjoy this week!
Greetings from Abby 🛳

Visit some amazing sites, including Disney World, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, Peru, and many more!

Resources from our Community Partners - Check these out!!

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Click on files below for multiple resources to assist with food for families.

Reminder - 8th Graders - Magnet Lottery

If your 8th grader applied for the magnet lottery, results were sent our via email last week. Please be sure to read the email carefully. The deadline for accepting your child's placement is May 15th. Any questions can be directed to our school counselor, Maria Nuterangelo, at maria.nuterangelo@new-haven.k12.ct.us.

Newsletter Contributions!

Please continue to send pictures and student work to be shared with our Bishop Woods family each week! In order for your submission to make it in to the newsletter for the current week, please have it to me by Friday afternoon; otherwise, I will post your contribution the following week. You can share through Remind text or email dina.natalino@nhboe.net Thank you to all of the students and families that contributed this week!

Contact Information

Home Office #s:

Mrs. Natalino, Principal- 203-654-9533

Ms. Crisci, Assistant Principal - 475-221-1633