The old-school era

By: Miles O'Malley


For my interview I talked to my dad about school. I asked him why he enjoyed school,memories from school, still got friends from school, etc. My dad told me some stories like how in first grade he shut himself in a locker because he was afraid to go to class. In the seventh grade he said him and this other boy were milkboys. But one day they decided to drink 15 milks and get sick. I asked him who had a strong influence on his life? He said Sister Mikayla, a nun, because if he did something wrong she would whack him on the head with a ruler. I really thought about back then school compared to today's school. I’ve never seen a kid lock himself in a locker because he was afraid to go to class. At my school kids don’t get smacked on the head with a ruler if they do something wrong. These days, no one delivers milk to classrooms. I just thought about all the comparisons I could make through all of this little information my dad gave me. I can compare the discipline in schools now compared to the discipline back then. I can see if kids still have a fear of school (shut themselves in locker.)


Why should kids be afraid of school today? I mean I get it maybe theres students that are bullying you or teachers that a student dislikes. But does that mean that a student should be afraid of school? Does that mean a kid should go lock himself in a locker or hide in the bathroom all period? I do not think any kids should be afraid of school for any reason at all.

These students that are afraid of school need to realize there are teachers everywhere. If a kids getting bullied why does this kid not just go talk to a teacher? I mean in the hallway during passing period you on average I would say maybe walk by 5-10 teachers depending on how far the class is. If something is going on in the hallway usually there will always be a teacher walking by.

My dad said in school he was afraid of a teacher and he locked himself in a locker? Just because a student is afraid of a teacher does that mean he should have a fear of going to school? I dont think so you should just man up and go to the class. Deal with that teacher for the period you have him/her. There is a lot of kids that dislike some of their teachers. Does that mean these student should go lock themselves in a locker for a period? No way students that are afraid of teachers just need to man up.


I am comparing the discipline in schools now opposed to the discipline in schools back then. Discipline now is just like receiving a slip (other known as a demerit in my school.) You can be issued one of these demerits if you chew gum, disrespect, have electronics,etc.

The first demerit is a warning. The second is a detention and so on from there. If you did one of these things back in my dads era they would like smack you on the head with a ruler, smack your hand, maybe even bring you into the hall and smack you with a paddle. It really shows how controlled things are in schools today opposed to back then. Now, if a teacher hit you they would be fired right away or the child could file a lawsuit against the teacher for hitting them. This shows how nice teachers are today opposed to back then. The principal would not care at all about this happening in that era. If that happened today Dr. Palzet would fire that person right away. My dad told me that sometimes a nun would like grab his ear or neck something weird like that and pull it. Discipline now is just nothing compared to back then.

I have not heard of anything like that happening in schools today. Back when my dad was in school it was a regular thing for kids to be getting hit, smacked with a paddle, etc. I know that stuff does not go on at catholic schools today. Why was it so uncontrolled back then? I do not know the answer to that but it seems like no one stepped up and did something.


Today, there are lots of different ways that teachers can motivate students. Maybe teachers motivate students with a three strike method, the different colored cars method, maybe a detention. I think these disciplinary actions can motivate students to the right things and stay away from the wrong. Maybe a student was doing something wrong the year before but ever since the method was established he stopped and did the right thing.

For my dad back in the day, a teacher that motivated him was named Sister Mikayla. My dad said she motivated him by hitting him with a ruler, or tugging on his ear or neck. My dad said he hated when she did that! So I wondered why that motivated my dad. My dad said it motivated him to do right. Because everytime he did something wrong she would do one of those three things to him. So he would always go home and think about what he did that day in class. He would just try to think what to do better the next day. This shows motivation because this teacher got my dad to become a better student through her methods of discipline. It got him to stop doing wrong and end up doing right.

A teacher that motivated me would maybe be back in 5th grade Mr.Konicek. Mr Konicek had a 3 card method. A card that was green, a card that was yellow, and a card that was red. It showed every student in the class and they all had those three cards. If your card was green that means you were doing a good job and staying on task. If your card was yellow that means you were starting to get a little off task and it was like a warning. If your card was red it means you were totally slacking off and a email would be sent home to the parents. Sometimes I would be off task and get on red. Then, Mr.Konicek talked to me in the hall and I got an email sent home. So I was already in trouble by Mr.Konicek and when I came home my parents. I never wanted that to happen again. So I reflected upon my actions those days and came back with a great attitude for the rest of the year. That shows him motivating me because I never wanted that to happen again and that method made me always stay on task.

In the end, teachers can really motivate students to do right by simple things. Just a tiny little colored card method can do the trick. That is how Mr.Konicek motivated me and I won’t forget it. I guess my dad wont forget getting hit my Sister Mikayla with a ruler and her pulling his ear and all! Teachers can motivate kids through these types of disciplinary methods.


Miles: did you enjoy school?

Dad: I liked high school very very much and and grammar school college was pretty hard for me, ya I mean I liked school. I have a lot of friends from school.

Miles: Why was college hard for you?

Dad: College was hard because I worked during the day and I went to night school. So sometimes I used to fall asleep at night school. because I was so tired from working hard during the day.

Miles: What kind of student were you?

Dad: I would say that I was a good student when I tried and when I didn't apply myself and didn't work and always waited till the last minute to do things I was not the best student, but you know I tried hard.

Miles: What would you do for fun at school?

Dad: Lets see… one time in first grade I locked my self in a locker because I was afraid to go to class because I was scared of the teacher.

Miles: So that was considered fun to you?

Dad: Well when I look back on it now I consider it fun. One time I was a milkboy in seventh grade I used to deliver all the milk to the classrooms and me and another guy drank like 15 milks each and got sick. I thought that was pretty fun.

Miles: How would your classmates remember you? Whats one remarkable thing you did back in the day?

Dad: Well I would say the one remarkable thing people remember is that I locked myself in a locker, because I was afraid to go to class. Some of my first grade friends remember that.

Miles: Are you still friends with anyone from that time period in your life?

Dad: I would say that I have six very good friends from grammar school and then i’m very lucky from high school I probably have 30-40 really good friends i’m very very lucky.

Miles: Was there a teacher(s) that had a particularly strong influence on your life?

Dad: The strongest influence was sister Mikayla when I was in fifth grade because she used to whack us with a ruler on the head when we did something wrong. So she scared me and made sure I did not get in trouble anymore.


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