JFK Murder Conspiracy

By:Valerie Rodriguez

Babushka Lady

A strange woman standing among the crowd,recording the horrible scene of November 22,1963 on her head was wrapped a babushka a russian or polish scarf for old woman.

The Babushka Lady wearing a scarf around her head hiding her identity and anything else she might have been hiding.On November 22,1963 the day when President John F.Kennedy was assassinated by gun fire.

Most people fled from the scene but the Babushka Lady stood there unfazed and continued recording the everything.The FBI gave a interview to anyone who might have attended at the time but the Babushka Lady disappeared without a trace but nobody worried then sense they presumed she would confess and step up eventually confess.

Months had passed and still no one had stood up and confessed to be her aside from a few people who might have claimed to be her but didn't have any proof otherwise such as Beverly Oliver who claimed she was but,when sent to interview didn't know the brand of camera the Babushka lady had used,so they scratched her out as a possible suspect.

Some people say that in what they saw they thought for sure that the president was never really murdered and the Babushka Lady was just a immigrant from Russia.But that is indeed absurd do to the fact that everyone knows that the president was shot.

People have also said they have seen her under other assassinated people and murder scenes but no one really knows for sure.

The Umbrella Man

The name given to the man thought to be Louis Steven Witt another seriously debated stranger to be at Presidents John F.Kennedy's murder on November 22.1963.

He was the only man with a open umbrella on the sunny day of November 22,1963 he was the closest bystander to where the Presidents limo was at when the shot fired.

People think the Umbrella Man used the umbrella as to signal the and open it as a "Fire" or reopening as signal to "Shoot again."

Despite all this Louis confessed to being the Umbrella Man and did not know that he was the subject of controversy and that the only reason he braught the umbrella was to confuse John F.Kennedy's father Joseph.

However despite his claims people wee still cautios of him wondering why he would just sit there when the bullet shot and not just alone,but with another man and headed where the assasin was hiding in the Texas School Book Depository.

But black umbrellas where used to protest against the president before during the time of the Berlin Wall a group of school children sent black umbrellas to the White House.