Maslow's Hierarchy

Savannah Savage

Maslow's Heirachey

Maslow's Hierarchy explains how the human mind works and how to achieve happiness in the order it comes in. It has different levels in order to get to the top in your life! You can reach the top level but, that doesn't mean you'll stay there. Something tragic can happen and set you back or something good and bounce you further, but stick around and ill help explain.


Esteem is the 4th level in the hierarchy of needs. After you find your love and belonging it starts to help your self esteem and over all confidence and you build on it and grow. Esteem is very important step and it helps to lead you to the final step.

Slef Actualization

Self Actualization is the final level in the hierarchy of needs. This is when you have reached all of your levels and are now starting to love and appreciate yourself and life. Also, you try and see how you can help others in your life. Granted, you don't stay here for the rest of your life. It's not like Nirvana but, it is rewarding for the time your are there.