The Piping Plover

By: Jesse Willson


The Piping Plover is a small bird that weighs 1.5 to 2 ounces and eats worms, various crustaceans, insects, and occasionally mollusks. The scientific name for this bird is Charadrius Melodus, and although it has different breeding grounds, in North Carolina it lives and nests along the beaches and prefers to live in sparsely vegetated areas.
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The main reasons that they are endangered is because their habitats are being destroyed, modified, taken over by people, and humans are disturbing the chicks. Commercial development and dune stabilization has destroyed many habitats and whenever humans drive vehicles like dune buggies across habitats they can crush eggs or chicks. Also after driving the marks left in the sand can trap the chicks and kill them.
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Currently several things are being done to protect this bird from extinction.These are listing it as endangered, creating recovery plans, researching the current population, educating the public, and setting aside areas for nesting where they are monitored and the young chicks are protected from predators.