The start of the hurricane

Hurricane is one of the many catastrophic events in the world. It is sometimes called a tropical storm. The ingredients for a hurricane are the following: warm ocean temperatures, lots of moisture in the middle and upper atmosphere, and light winds in upper atmosphere.

All hurricanes start with a group of storms that start to rotate when they encounter more air. the storms create dangerous seas, which makes more water vapor appear. The water starts rising quickly, rotating with the storms. This starts increasing the wind speed. The storms hold themselves when they start to form a center of low pressure. When this occurs, the wind speed is up to 74 mph and that's how the storms turn into a hurricane.

Hurricanes cause lots of damage. They cause lots of flooding (depending on how big it is), destruction, rain, strong winds, and sometimes may cause a tornado. There are two types of hurricanes:

  • *Tropical Storms have a wind speed of 39-73 mph (63-118 km/h).These are the strong hurricanes.

  • *Tropical Depressions have a wind speed of less than 39 mph (63 km/h) and are the weakest tropical cyclones.
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    Hurricanes destroy homes

    Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to ecosystems. It can destroy millions of homes for humans, animal habitats, and kill lots of lives. By destroying an ecosystem, it not only destroys homes for animals, but it also makes them leave to find a better/safer home for their families. Lets say there's an island somewhere in the world where animals strive and have plenty of freedom, with food and so much more. They're happy there. But, then a hurricane attacks their beautiful homes and destroys them. They have no home whatsoever and have families to support. The only way to survive would be to leave and find a better home.

    The island is empty of any signs of life. Now, this is where secondary succession takes places, bringing back the animals, lives, plants, and other homes back to the island. The biodiversity turns from low, to high, where animals strive once again. Some people around the world need people to help them with the damage of their homes that were destroyed by hurricanes. We need your help to bring back the homes lost of families. Stand for what is right and join the fight to help your community with any sort of damage. What are you waiting for, go outside and help people build their homes back! If you're just one of those people that is too lazy to go outside, then I recommend that you donate to help repair damage.

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    Hurricane Seth

    Hurricane Seth (not an actual hurricane, just saying) hit Baja Peninsula California on December 2, 1972. It had high winds of 120 mph, and went up to 150 mph. The diameter was around 50 km, while the eye was 30 km. It easily fir into category one. The water reached up to 30 feet on land, flooding streets and homes. It traveled all the way to La Paz in Mexico after two days. It caused millions of damage, destroying homes, buildings, and ecosystems. The total damage cost was up to $29.4 billion to fix and repair everything that was lost.

    Hurricane Seth

    Saturday, Dec. 2nd 1972 at 10:45am

    Baja California, Mexico