red beach project

by ; kaylee towles


continent - asia

country - china

longitude - 174.6945 E

latitude - 36.6025 S

type of beach d

red beach is not close to any tectonic activity. it is a passive coast.

type of beach e

red beaches features are created by marine forces. it is a secondary coast.

type of beach f

red beach has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence. it is a submergent coast.

orgin of the land

red beach does not have red sand, instead it is covered in red marsh/seaweed that is called sueda grass. which grows in april - may & stays through summer. in the autumn months the grasses color turns from orange to pink. & then repeats to the red color. the land has a high alkaline soil that lets the grass grow.

the red beach is known for being the largest wet land & reed marsh in the world. you can see the crowned cranes & black mouthed gulls around the area also. & that is why it is also known as the "home of the cranes".


  • shallow seas & tide-lands.
  • marsh plants.


the largest reed marsh in Asia is also located here, attracting tourists. the reeds are used to make paper. the red crowned crane also reproduces here & it is also the endangered black mouthed gulls largest breeding area.