Should We have Intervened Sooner?

January 20, 1943

Should We Have Intervened Earlier?

The United States definitely should of entered World War II a lot sooner than it did. So many people around the world, including U.S. citizens like to put the notion out there that the U.S. wants to be the police of the world. That is a completely false and delusional argument. Considering what was happening to the Jews during WWII, the U.S. getting involved was only right. It shouldn't of took the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor to make the U.S. get involved in the war. We should have already been involved in the war. Millions of lives could of been saved had the U.S. entered the war sooner. There is evil in this world and the only way to do away with it is to stand up to it and defeat it. You don't compromise with it or ignore it as if it's not really happening; you rise up and defeat. It's all about standing on the side of righteousness. It's sad how so many people believe in taking the isolationist stance would be the best solution. Isolationism is just another a word for cop-out. We had knowledge of what was happening to the Jews for much longer than we'd like to admit. If that was happening to Americans we would be outraged if someone didn't step in to help. It was immoral for Americans to not help. We should have intervened much sooner for those reasons alone