Battle of the Philipines 1941-1942


About the battle:

  • Fought on December 8, 1941 - May 6, 1942. (In the Philippine islands).
  • One of the worst defeats in history in the United States.
  • Within 10 hours after the attack of Pearl Harbor the Philippines were attacked.
  • At least 84,000 American troops were captured.
  • American and Philippines combined had 16,000 casualties.
  • Half of the 20,000 troops that were captured died in captivity before the war ended.
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The "facts"

  • Douglas MacArthur a United States commander left his troops before they had to surrender. He still ordered them to fight til the end.
  • There was no air or naval support.
  • Japanese General Masaharu Homma sent surviving American and Philippine troops on death march to camp. Many of the troops were murdered or died due to ill reasons

Countries that fought:

Japan is the winner!

Map of the battle:

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