Ms. Drexler's 4th Grade

February 1, 2016

The start of the third marking period is upon us!


Can you believe we are half way through the year? I cannot believe we are already in February.

Here are some things that will be going on in Room 208 this week:

-Valentines Day information will be coming home today so make sure you check it out!

-Friday was our last day of Science. Students will be back with me in homeroom to start a new unit in Social Studies. We are starting the Northeast Region. Students will be creating a lapbook containing all of the information they need to know on the region. I am excited to get started because my previous class loved them! Later this week students should start studying the Northeastern state locations.

-New WIN groups started today. Most students stayed in their original group but some students may have moved based on current needs.

-This week in ELA we are working on TDA (text dependent analysis) writing. We will be going through the writing process in order to answer an essay question in our PSSA packet.

-We are making steady progress in math! Today we spent time reviewing factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. Starting tomorrow and continuing the rest of the week we will do a few problems from the 2nd quarter assessment. We will also be starting fractions this week! This is a challenging topic for most students. Khan Academy has fabulous resources to help students understand and master fractions. We have also started completing PSSA released items for morning work and will continue with these for the next few weeks.

-On Tuesday, Mr. Fox will be joining us in the morning for a guidance lesson. We love having him come visit!

As always, thank you for your continued support at home. I am eager to see what the third quarter has in store.

Have a great week!

-Ms. Drexler