By David Canchola

Location and Language

Going to the Bahamas is like a day in paradise. You will be amazed with all it's beautiful features. Bahama's capital Nassau, is also breathe taking with all it's tourist attractions. With them speaking English and living in north america it's easy to visit and communicate.


The Bahamas became a country in 1964. The famous YouTube star,Skyy John,was born at the Bahamas on January 2, 1980. One of the biggest events was in 1962, all women were permitted to vote. How the Bahamas became a country was that Christopher Columbus made land fall in the new world on the island of San Salvador. inspired by the surrounding sea, he described them as island of the "baja mar" (shallow sea), which has become The Island of the Bahamas


The islands were mostly created by the disintegration of coral reef and seashells, and low scrub covers much of their surface. Some of the major landmarks are Fort Forecastle, Elbow cay, Fort Charlotte, and Lake Killarney.



The natural resources at the Bahamas are salt, aragonite, timber, and arable land. Most manufacturing ares are cement making, oil refining, and trans- shipment. Land use at the Bahamas is 0.625% arable land, 0.29% permanent crops, and the 99.6% left is just for other stuff, like hotels and restaurants. If you are ever looking for a job at the Bahamas, the major ones are tourism and banking. The currency (money) is Bahamian dollars.


General weather conditions is tropical savanna climate with dry winters. The average yearly rainfall is 58.9 inches and 1497 millimeters, and the average yearly temperature is high 83 and low 68.

Story behind the flag

The flag of The Bahamas was officially hoisted for the first time on July 10, 1973, the date of the nation's independence from the United Kingdom. The flag was designed based on several entries received for the competition to design a new national flag
Prior to 1973, the flag of The Bahamas was the Bahamian Blue Ensign, a field of blue with the Union Jack in the canton and the Bahamas flag badge on the field. The badge showed a British ship chasing two pirate ships out at the high seas. The motto surrounding the badge was “Expulsis piratis restituta commercia” (“Pirates repulsed, commerce restored”).