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East Middle Vikings: November Edition

Starting the Month with a Positive Mindset

What an exciting month October has been! To begin the month with an attitude of determination and a goal for success, as October approached East Middle School held the first ever ERMS Valor Seminar for 7th & 8th grade students. These monthly seminars are created to empower students to achieve academic success through explaining the benefits of having a positive mindset, teaching learning strategies, and allowing students to engage in self-reflection. We are thankful for the community support of speakers shown below who have volunteered to speak with and empower our students.

Helpful Online Time Management Tool

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Tips for Regaining the Ability to Focus

The feeling of the brain "having too many tabs open" is common for people of all ages, but especially students in the middle school age group. However, there are many techniques that can be utilized when the ability to focus on one task can feel overwhelming. The "Tomato Timer" has been proven to be effective for students who have trouble maintaining long term focus. This timer has a built in 25 minute period of sustained focus along with a five minute break. For students who may struggle with long term focus, this can be a helpful tool to utilize. This tool can also be effective for homework assignments and long term projects that may feel overwhelming all at once. The ability to take a large task and piece into small, achievable parts can make large-scale tasks more attainable.

Check out the online "TomatoTimer" here!

Science Rocks!

This month, several fun and exciting methods of teaching science have been utilized at ERMS. Below, our 6th grade students are pictures hearing from two scientists from UNC Chapel Hill. Also pictured are several 7th grade students learning about science in new and fun ways.

Peer Lunch Groups

This past October, students have been working on different interactive activities in lunch groups to help students self reflect and make clear, specific goals. Below, are three activities that have been utilized in peer lunch group this month.

More About Peer Lunch Groups:

Peer lunch groups are offered each six weeks to all grade levels of students. Students can be referred by a parent or selected by their teacher to be a part of a peer lunch groups. Peer group settings have been found to promote a sense of belonging and positive outlook on school for students. Common topics covered in these groups include friendship, team work, coping skills, communicating feelings, setting goals, time management, and self esteem building. If you are interested in your child being a part of a peer lunch group feel free to contact the school or Ms. Hunt, School Counselor.

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My name is Rebekah Hunt and I am the school counselor at ERMS. This is a space where I aim to share monthly resources, tips, and support to best assist all students at East Middle School. I hope you find Counselor Connection as an aid to use as your student navigates middle school.