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Week of December 14th, 2020

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✦ Vote for your Favorite Literature Inspired Gingerbread House

✦ Turkey Trot Winners

✦ EOS Winter Break Closure

✦ Facebook Group Winter Break Archive

✦ December High School Hangouts

✦ December & January Workshops

✦ Discovery Day: January and February


✦ Los Penasquitos Canyon Virtual Field Trips for K - 2nd Grade

✦ Build Your Own Holiday Puppet


✦ Intervention Website Update

✦ Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week Seventh Grade

✦ Social-Emotional Support


✦ CPA & Edgenuity Spring Course Catalog

✦ Scholarship Opportunities

✦ UC Admissions

PCA Happenings

Vote for your Favorite Literature Inspired Gingerbread House

We need your help!

We had some amazing student entrances for this fun activity. Please help us select the top 3 by reviewing the houses here and voting using this survey. Thank you!

Turkey Trot Winners

1st Place - The Ochalek Family

Big picture

2nd Place - The South Family

Big picture

3rd Place - The Howard Crew

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EOS Closure

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EOS Closure

The Enrichment Ordering System will be down over the Winter Break and will be accessible once again on January 4th. Our staff, who work hard all year to serve our school, are also on break during this time, and we hope they enjoy their break, as well! We are grateful for your partnership with our school and we look forward to serving you next year.

Please be advised that at times, Enrichment may need to access students’ school email accounts for ordering purposes. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to our enrichment team at

Facebook Group Winter Break Archive

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December High School Hangouts

December Workshops

Below are the workshops coming up in December!

All workshops are separated by grade level, be sure to sign up for the correct grade.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

TK - 2nd Grade Workshops

3rd - 5th Grade Workshops

Middle School Workshops

Discovery Day

Big picture
Big picture

Discovery Day is ready to kick off 2021 with more exciting activities! Although it is our hope that some Discovery Day events will be in-person in the future, we remain virtual for the time being.

What is Discovery Day?

  • FREE TK-8 educational, interactive, & hands-on virtual workshops led by PCA teachers.
  • Opportunity for students to make consistent connections with PCA teachers & peers in their general area.
  • Each Discovery Day community offers 4 virtual workshops & 1 class party during January & February.

What will students learn?

Students will experience a new learning theme each month. Check out our Jan/Feb Discovery Day Catalog for more details.

  • January: "Meet the Artists" - Learn about famous artists & create art pieces using their trademark styles! (See flyer)
  • February: "Food Science" - Enjoy some simple science activities that involve common food items! (See flyer)

How to Register:

We encourage families to register for a Discovery Day community based on your student's grade and nearest location in order to make connections with consistent teachers & peers in your area. However, families may register with another community if that works better for their schedules. Please refer to the Jan/Feb Schedule for a list of communities & mark your calendars.

January & February Registration
All NEW and RETURNING Discovery Day families who wish to start or continue with us in January & February need to complete this form for each student. Sign up HERE.

You can expect a teacher from your selected Discovery Day community to email you a Zoom link & list of materials approximately 1 week prior to the workshop and/or 1 day before the workshop. If you have not received a Discovery Day email before the workshop, please check your spam folder first and then contact your HST for assistance. If you register less than 48 hrs before the workshop, you may not receive the Zoom link & information in time. As a result, you can either wait for the next workshop or contact your HST for the information.

December Registration

If you are new to Discovery Day and want to join us now for the remainder of December's Winter Wonder STEM, please use the December Discovery Day sign up form as well. If you are already enrolled, there is no need to sign up again for December. However, please be sure to complete the January & February form above if you would like to continue with us after winter break.

We hope to see you soon! Please reach out to your HST if you have questions.

Free Online Fun for Kids

Los Penasquitos Canyon Virtual Field Trip

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve and Adobe has created a great 3 part virtual field trip perfect for younger students, K - 2nd grade!

Learn about why pollinators and plants need each other, how flower parts help with pollination, and how pollinators help people and virtual hike.

Click on the pictures below for each trip!

Build Your Own Holiday Puppet

Monday, December 14 at 12:30pm

In this special FREE holiday class, the Center for Puppetry Arts returns to add a little holiday cheer to your after-school routine! Learn how to make your own "Lil' Light Buddy" candle rod in a live, interactive workshop. Then, explore how candles have become a key element in many holiday celebrations all around the world.

Click the picture for all the details!

Parent Resources

Intervention Website Update

Our Intervention Website is currently under construction, so many of the great resources such as the

ODI Recordings are unavailable to families at this time.

Please contact your school's Student Support Coordinator for recommendations on other interventions to support your student's targeted areas of need.

Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week SEVENTH Grade


What 7th grader isn't a gamer? So play a game to learn to and practice adding/subtracting integers.

7.NS.1: I can add and subtract rational numbers. I can show addition and subtraction on horizontal and vertical number line diagrams.

7.NS.1c: I can subtract rational numbers. I can show that the distance between two rational numbers on a number line is the absolute value of their difference. I can apply what I've learned to real-world situations.

7.NS.1d: I can add and subtract rational numbers by applying the properties I have learned

Use Khan academy to help learn about scale drawings of shapes. Then get out a pencil and paper or a whiteboard or your favorite drawing tools, and be creative!

7.G.1: I can use scale drawings of geometric shapes to solve problems. I can figure out actual lengths using scale drawings. I can create a scale drawing of a different size than one I am given.

7.G.2: I can draw geometric shapes when given information about the shape. I can draw triangles when I am given information about their angles or sides. I can realize when the shape drawn will be a unique triangle, more than one triangle, or no triangle.

Did you know that you can help your 7th grader learn about probability and statistics through hands-on, real-life activities? Click here to see how!

7.SP.1: I can discuss the purpose of using statistics. I can understand how generalizations can be made using random and representative samples.

7.SP.2: I can make inferences about data using random samples. I can use samples to estimate or make predictions.

7.SP.6: I can approximate the probability of a chance event happening and make predictions about chance events.

7.SP.7: I can make and use probability models. I can compare models to actual probabilities and explain any major differences.

7.SP.7a: I can create and use a uniform probability model to figure out the probability of events.

Language Arts:

Integrate alliteration, writing, and creativity with the help of this freebie video that shows you how!

RL.7.4: I can tell you the meaning of words and phrases that I have read. I can explain figurative and connotative meanings. I can evaluate how rhymes and alliteration affect pieces of literature.

W.7.3d: I can show action and events in my story using descriptive language, exact words/phrases, and sensory language.

A great way to develop speech/public speaking skills is to ask your HST if you can give an oral report at your next LP meeting. Maybe it’ll be on your favorite book, animal, or food. That part’s up to you!

SL.7.4: I can deliver an oral report to present my claims and findings. I can clearly focus, organize, and support my ideas with facts and details. I can speak at a good pace, at a reasonable volume, and I can use appropriate eye contact.

SL.7.4a: I can deliver an oral argument that supports a claim, organizes evidence clearly and logically, states counterarguments, uses transitions, and contains a conclusion.

SL.7.5: I can use multimedia components and visuals to make the claims and main points in my presentation clear

Here is a week of free lessons on Greek and Latin root words. A fun idea might be to introduce this concept while reading/watching the Percy Jackson books, or while learning about Greek mythology in social studies.

L.7.4b: I can use Greek or Latin root words and affixes as clues to determine what a word means

Social-Emotional Support

Mindset Monday December Topic: Mindfulness

Your body is your MIND?

Mindset Monday Webinar Dates/Times

Monday, December 14th

10:00am - TK-5th grade

1:00pm - 6th-12th grade


Last Month’s Topic: “Nagging Nerves”

If you missed either of our classes on worry and anxiety last month please feel free to check out these recorded summaries:

“Nagging Nerves” Video Session - TK-5th
“Nagging Nerves” Video Session - 6th-12th

Check out our Growth Mindset SEL Website

High School

CPA & Edgenuity Spring Course Catalog

Spring Courses are Here! Please see the Course Catalog for CPA and Edgenuity!

Scholarship Opportunities

Here is a list of popular scholarship search engines or other pre-vetted scholarships.

UC Admissions

Students who wish to attend a UC must fulfill A-G requirements in order to be eligible for admission. For more information on A-G requirements visit the University of California Admissions page. Each UC campus provides a variety of virtual events where you can ask questions and engage with each school’s admissions department. You can find more information on virtual events at each campus via the following links:

For those students interested in attending a UC, be sure to fulfill your A-G requirements. If you’re not sure if you’ll meet the requirements, you can touch base with your academic counselor to design an educational path that will prepare you for UC eligibility.

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