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A Reminder of How Awesome You Are!

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1. We are grateful for your commitment. Teaching isn’t easy. Many of you knew that before you took the job and you stayed any way. You love your students and are committed to their success and you won’t give up at the first sign of trouble. Thank you for loving our children and our profession enough to stick with it even when things get rough.

2. We are grateful for your tenacity. When students don’t get it the first time, you try again. And again. And again, until they do get it. You don’t give up; you figure it out. Thank you for persisting with every child until he or she is successful.

3. We are grateful for your humility. You quietly work miracles in the classroom every day, asking for no recognition, and rarely receiving praise. It is often a thankless job but you do it anyway. Thank you for quietly working miracles in the lives of children.

4. We are grateful for your generosity. You love children and you selflessly give them your very best each day. You want to see them learn and you work hard on their behalf to ensure that they do. Thank you for sharing the gift of learning with your students, your colleagues, and your communities.

SPOTLIGHT: Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Ms. Dominguez & Ms. Amaro make an awesome team in order to ensure that 5th grade Stallions are achieving in Reading and Language Arts. When asked what makes their collaboration successful, Ms. Dominguez began to discuss how much content knowledge Ms. Amaro brings to the table. Ms. Amaro chimed in and expressed how being able to pull small groups of struggling learners will support students who are not experiencing success during whole group instruction, and it will change the pace for students who need content presented in a variety of formats. Both educators are excited about the prospect of what lies ahead and grateful to have the power of team to help students achieve!

Throwback Thursday: Red Ribbon Week Fun

Pictures of Excellence

Alex Sanger Elementary Preparatory

Alex Sanger Elementary School is a place of learning for students, staff, parents, and community members. Located in the beautiful Forest Hills neighborhood of East Dallas, it provides a safe environment where academic excellence is the focus.