Mrs. Belich's 4th Grade

Nov. 30- Dec 4

Expert Exhibit

This is our writing project we have been working on in class. If you haven't seen your child's assignment paper, please ask your child to see the assignment.

Due dates!

Wednesday, Dec. 2 Two sources due--we have taken the time in class to print for those that needed a paper document

Friday Dec. 4--Biography outline

Friday Dec. 11--5 paragraph report about their person (this will be started in class and done mostly during writing)

In Class---one paragraph summary for their presentation part of the project

Monday Dec. 15---Students will need to bring final copy of paper and costume they will were for the exhibit

Thursday Dec. 17 1:30-2:00 Parents can come to our "living history expert exhibit"

Upcoming Assessments

Friday-- History Vocabulary Quiz

Friday: Spelling Quiz

Math: We are finishing up Fractions and we will be testing before the break.

History: Starting and finishing a new unit before Winter break. This will be on the causes of the American Revolution. Students will be quizzed along the way. Please see information on my website to help your child.

Science: quiz next Wednesday on Lesson 5, Unit test will be Dec. 17

MAP Testing

We will be Reading MAP testing Dec. 1 and Math MAP testing Dec. 10

This will show the students growth so far this year!

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Rubics Cubes

These have come very popular among the 4th graders. As for my class, I have band them from my classroom. They are a huge disturbance in the classroom and a few in the school have gone missing. The ONLY time that students are allowed to use them is on the playground. Please help remind our students that these things are awesome to play with at home! :)