The Gilded Age

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John D. Rockefeller

Who: An American business magnate and philanthropist. He controlled the Oil Industries and he had a Monopoly.

What: He was co in charge of the Standard Oil Industry. He found medical instrumental in the eradication of hookworm and yellow fever.

Where: He was born in July 8 1839 in Ohio

When: In 1870 he retired in 1897.

Why: He was the wealthiest man in America owning over a billion dollars because gasoline and kerosene grew more important.

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Thomas A. Edison

Who: He was the inventor of the lightbulb and over 1000 others . He was deaf in one ear.

What: He invented the Phonograph in 1877, the recorder or radio , and a small Power plant in 1890's.

When: In 1880 they made a new filament with bamboo and fiber that could last for 15 hours.

Why: He wanted people to make lives easier and make food not spoil.

Where: He invented it at the Menlo Park and he was called The Wizard of Menlo Park.

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Pullman Strike

Who: It was a national railroad strike on May 11 1894. It was the American Railway Union against the Pullman Company. Lead Eugene V. Debs brought in the union, Grover Cleveland was the president he ordered the army to stop the strike because it was interfering with cars that carried the mail. George Pullman owned the company that laid off the workers.
What: George Pullman owned the company and he laid off workers and lowered wages. The workers went on strike, 3o people died and 57 injured.

Where: It was in Pullman Chicago Illinois.

When: It happened May 11 1894. It was an unsuccessful strike.

Why: 4,000 factory workers were either laid off or their wages were reduced.

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Central Pacific Railroad

Who: The Railroad System was planned by Theodore Judah and financed and built by Sacramento California businessmen Leland Standford, Collis Huntington, Charles Crocker, and Mark Hopkins.

What: The Central Pacific Railroad is the former name of the railroad network between California and Utah that formed part of the first transcontinental railroad. It is now part of the union Pacific Railroad.

Where: It was in Sacramento California to Ogden, Utah.

When: It was April 1st 1863 until June 30 1959.

Why: The construction of the railroad secured a safe and speedy transportation of the mail, troops munitions and public stores.

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