Lowell Library Newsletter

for January 2023

January Curriculum

ALA Youth Media Award season is underway! Students in Kindergarten to fifth grade learned about the major Youth Media Awards, such as the Caldecott and Newbery Medals, in anticipation of January's award announcement. We explore titles under consideration and discuss which of the books might win and which books we just love. Kindergarten to second grade explores elements of fiction and visual literacy related to picture books and, our read alouds center on past winner's work.

Additionally, the second grade started examining reference sources including the World Book Online. Third grade continued working with Google apps, fourth grade built floodgates using the Lego WeDo kits to prevent river flooding, and fifth grade learned the ins and outs of searching on Google.

What We Learned: January 2023

Kindergarten: We learned about:
  • Caldecott Book Award
  • Elements of fiction: characters, setting, beginning, middle, end

First Grade: We learned about:
  • Caldecott Book Award
  • Visual Literacy: using words and pictures to understand a picture book story

Second Grade: Learned about:

  • Major book awards review
  • Changing text in Google apps
  • World Book Encyclopedia Online
  • Dictionary

We learned about:
  • Major book awards
  • Google Slides Scavenger Hunt: using menus and toolbars

Fourth Grade: Learned about:

  • Major book awards
  • Lego Wedo Floodgate Project

Fifth Grade:
We learned about:
  • Major Book Awards
  • How a Google search works
  • Google searching: tips and tricks for better searches

Elements of Fiction Kindergarten and First Grade

Reading picture books is more than words. In Kindergarten and first grade, we learn to identify characters in books by looking at their physical traits and character traits. We examine the setting by identifying when and where a story takes place, and lastly, describe the beginning, middle, and end of the story. First grade goes further in learning about using question words to retrieve information from the pictures and to further their understanding of the narrative. Visual Literacy studies continue through grade five incorporating primary sources, video sources, and other nonfiction materials.

First Grade Biography Intro: The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins

What did dinosaurs look like to early paleontologists? Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, a British artist with a deep interest in science and nature, built incredible models of dinosaurs using the science of the day. These sculptures still reside at the Crystal Palace in England delighting visitors with their history. These sculptures are classified as buildings and on a list of protected resources.

Read More in The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley; illustrated by Brian Selznick.

Watch the short video on the history of the National Landmark.

Historic England

Brian Selznick discusses the research for the book.

Please Return ANY Lowell Library Books You Find at Home!

  • My child has a library book from before quarantine. What should I do with it? Please bring it back! There is no penalty for pre-quarantine books and I would love to have them back in the library so other kids can enjoy them.
  • Will kids check out books this year? No, our library is still in storage and the number of books is limited. Kids will have a chance to enjoy books during library class this year which will, hopefully, inspire some ideas for outside reading.
  • Where can we access the databases and encyclopedias? Use the Lowell Library website and under SEARCH find a list of the databases students have access to through the school.
  • What will students learn without the library? Don't worry! I selected a lot of books to continue our read alouds each week. We will also take this time to explore more aspects of our digital learning curriculum such as digital citizenship and computers as tools.