Lee Book Character Pumpkin Patch

October 26-30, 2015

Show us your skills!

Get ready to have some Fall Fun! During the week of October 26-30, we will have our Fall Book Fair in the Library! Since we love reading and Fall, all homerooms will participate in our Lee Book Character Pumpkin Patch! Get ready to have some fun and be creative!

Here's how it works:

1. Each homeroom teacher (including PEAM, SPED, AB, and Life Skills) will come to the library during the week of October 13-16 and pick up a pumpkin for their class.

2. You will brainstorm and decide with your class what book character you would like to create using your pumpkin! But there are a few rules:

* you may not cut or carve your pumpkin in any way

* characters must be from a book, not just a TV show or movie - you will need to display the book next to your pumpkin

* pumpkins may not include weapons, blood or any other questionable decor

3. Be creative! You can use paint, paper, glue, glitter, etc. to make your masterpiece!

4. Your pumpkin must be submitted to the library by Friday, October 23rd. All pumpkins will be picked up from the library by Friday, October 30th.

Here are some examples:

Your Homeroom could win a Book Fair Prize!

During the week of Book Fair, all classes should walk through and browse the Pumpkin Patch. Using a blue ticket, students will be allowed to vote for their favorite pumpkin. The top vote earner in each grade level will win a Book Fair prize for their homeroom class!


Ask Mrs. Wetzig in the Library!