"My Space" Project

By: Jade G.

Lady's Island

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How the plot was made for land including area and measurments:

We have taken a triangular piece of land in the near center of Lady's Island.

Side A- 150 ft

Side B- 516 ft

Side C- 400 ft

Using the law of cosines:

516^2 = 400^2 + 150^2

516^2 = 266256

400^2 + 150^2 = 83756

Then we divide:

83756/ answer of: 2 (400)(150) =120,000]

Then the inverse cosine of that answer:

cos^-1(.6979) = 45.74

Now we use the Trigonometry Area Formula:

A=(1/2)absin(angle a)

A= (1/2)(150)(516)sin(45.74)

This equals 27716.17162

We can round to 27716 ft for the area

The lucky owner of this piece of land in Lady's Island will be the owner of 27,716 square foot of property!

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