About Me

By Raul F. Barreto (Math Class Pricer)

My Mom And Dad

My Mom is from El Salvador and my Dad if from Mexico.My Moms name is Nori Quintana and my Dads name is Raul Barreto.(I have the same name).The part from Mexico my Dad is from is Durango. The part of El Salvador my Mom is from Santa Ana. My Dad is also 45 years old and my mom is 44 years old.

My Goals for this year and for the future

My goals for this year are trying to get A"s and B"s or at least B"s. My second goal is to be nice and respect other people. My goals for the future is to own a business and to have a nice house.

My Siblings

What I like to do outside of school

My interests outside of school are playing video games and I also like to hang out with friends.

My favorite subject in School

My favorite subject in school is ELAR because it is easy and fun. I love to read but I don't like to write.
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