Mauna Loa

A 4 Week Presentation on a Volcano

Area and Location

  • The Area of the Mauna Loa is 20000/2ha.
  • It is one of the 5 volcanoes that make up the islands of Hawaii. Hawaii is a state in the U.S and in the area of the Pacific Ocean.
  • It is above rising 13,680 ft. (4,170 m) above sea level.

Type of Volcano

  • The mountain type of the Mauna Loa is Shield Volcano
  • It's last eruption was in 1984 between March and April
  • It is know to be around 700 000 to 1 000 000 years old
  • The Mauna Loa is also one of the most active volcanoes


  • At the current moment we do have any organisations protecting the Mauna Loa
  • A reason to protect the Mauna Loa is because it is an ancient artefact to the world, it is the biggest volcano in the world and the most active
  • One thing we might have to think about is a organisation protecting people from the Mauna Loa as this is one of the most active volcano's in the world


Animals/fauna that live on the Mauna Loa contain of pigs, goat, sheep, cattle, kipuka, apapane, amakihi, i‘iwi, akepa, akiapola‘au, Hawai‘i creeper, oma‘o and elepaio


Plants/flora that are native or can be seen on the Mauna Loa include of koa, mamane, hue pueo grass, pukiawe, and aalii mamane, nalo, pukiawe, aalii, and ohelo scattered mosses, silversword, and Hawaiian bent grass

Ancient Hawaiians

The Ainapo Trail is the first-known trail to go up to the summit of Mauna Loa. It is hundreds of years old and was build by ancient Hawaiians who used to to bring offerings to Pele. Pele worshipers built small huts and shelters for rest along the course of the trail.

Future Development

  • The main development for the Mauna Loa is for scientists to observe and predict the eruption. This is mainly because of how it is less active then before, making this a scare

Quiz Quiz Quiz!!!

  1. List two plants that are on the Mauna Loa?
  2. What type of Volcano is the Mauna Loa?
  3. What Ocean is the Mauna Loa surrounded by?
  4. What state is the Mauna Loa located and what country is it found?
  5. List four animals found on the Mauna Loa?
  6. What trail was first known to go up the Mauna Loa?
  7. What did ancient Hawaiians to when they traveled up the Trail?
  8. What did the ancient Hawaiians worship?