Giver society news letter

About the giver society

The giver society

The giver society is a place where everything is black and white and no color at all but in the story a boy named Jonahs changes everything he becomes the new receiver of memory. They have to ride bikes instead of cars they have no one to lead there country. There is no war and no problems at all its peaceful but its not a good or a bad place. Another thing about it is that there is someone called the giver that switches off every few years. That's all you need to to know what goes on in the giver society.

What is the same about the giver society and what is different

The things that are the same in the giver society is that we all have rights. We all might not have the same rights. Or maybe we do but no matter what we all still have some rights weather they are the same or not. The differences are that they have no one to lead there community or country or state and we do, We don't ride bikes everywhere that we go and they do, and one more thing it's black and white there but it's not here and they like it how it is and we like it how it is here so we all have different perspectives.

What I think about the giver society

I think that the giver society is a not a good place or a bad place or a Utopia or a Dystopia. Because for a good place there is no problems or war. For a bad place it's black and white and they release people. Release means kill. I think that they should just send them to another country or elsewhere it's better then killing them. I also think that there is magic in that community because in our community you can't take someone back in time or in the future to warn them or to see what will happen. In our community that's not even real . Thats all the things that I think about the giver society.

That's all about the giver society