Wishing You Much Joy

This Holiday Season

Reflecting Upon 2012

All of us at DCT would like to thank you for an amazing 2012! There are many great and fun things for us to reflect upon that we would like to share with you. Starting at the beginning of twenty-twelve, with the launch of our new website. It's pretty awesome for us to be able to share our project portfolio, and see it grow with every accomplished project.

Going into Spring, we opened our second office, or shall we say "expanded" our office with the ever popular joke of DCT "East" and now DCT "west." If we can't find Mike, he is usually hanging with the boys on the westside.

Summer flew by with kids out on break, amazing family vactions everyone was able to take, and of course the celebration of our eighth year in business! So in dog years, that makes us about 56, pretty knowledgeable at this point I'd say! We also added in another team member, Ken Binder, very happy to have him!

The Tiffany kiddos were out and about doing the usual surfing, camping, and raising of proceeds to benefit the Sturge-Weber Foundation!

Fall meant back to school, and back to grinding the pavement, or demo-ing the space in our case. We completed our first huge industrial tenant improvement for Eaton Company, over 22, 200 sq. ft. of space!

By Thanksgiving, we poured into the 500's of completed jobs, so we slept well after the turkey eating. Now here we are, already into Christmas, and getting ready to jump into 2013! Mike may or may not have to say goodbye to being the Chief Red Dog of Falcon Nation, YMCA. Let's see if he convinces them to be "in charge" for another year!

So those are our twenty-twelve highlights. We would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoyed the experience of working with us this past year and we look forward to seeing all of you next year!

Kind Wishes,

Team DCT, Diversified Construction Technologies

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