Notes from the Band Room #13

January 25, 2015

This Week In Band

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Important Dates

Please make sure the following performances are on your calendars:
February 7 - New Trier Jazz Festival (Jazz Ensemble only) - info was emailed!
February 12 - GEF Recital Night @ Attea - schedule was emailed!
February 21 - IGSMA Solo & Ensemble Contest (only students who signed up) - schedule was emailed!

Attea Band Alumni!

Name: Amy Seter

Attea Graduation Year: 2007

What instrument did you play at Attea? Tenor Saxophone

Did you play at GBS? Yes! I was in marching band, concert band, jazz ensemble, and played in the variety show all 4 years.

What is your favorite memory/funniest memory in band?

During a lesson with Mrs. Reatherford, the alarm went off for a practice lockdown drill. To pass the time, we all played cards while we were hiding in the band room. (You don’t have to put this in haha, but I remember it so clearly)

In high school, I remember one late night marching rehearsal on the football field in particular. It had been a long night of learning marching drill and we were feeling a little slap happy. A few of us in the back of the field started goofing off by incorporating dance moves into the drill. We couldn’t stop giggling because the dancing became outright hilarious as everyone else was trying to stay focused during rehearsal. Looking back, it doesn’t seem that funny, but, it’s the collection of countless other memories similar to this one that makes me appreciate band and the incredible friendships that it fostered.

Where do/did you go to college? I attend Illinois Wesleyan University, pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in International Sustainability, and a Psychology minor. I am in my last semester, working on my senior thesis. I have played college golf for the past 4 years, and I am even more obsessed with music now than when I was in middle school.

What are your plans for the future? Down the road, I plan to pursue a career in sustainable agriculture. But after graduation, I plan to travel the country, working on organic farms.

The Glenview Education Foundation funds the 10th Annual GEF Recital Night!

On February 12, 2015 we will celebrate the 10th Annual GEF Recital Night. The Glenview Education Foundation has been so generous for the past decade with this wonderful event for our musicians - and they have committed to making the 10th year even bigger and better!
The schedule for performers was sent home (in an email). Please make sure you know your performance time/location. You will also get to hear small ensembles from the Elgin Symphony Orchestra! Don't forget to stop by the cafeteria to attend the 10th anniversary reception.

More research on the benefits of music education:

Parents are invited to visit the band room.

Parents are encouraged to attend any rehearsal from 7:20-8:15 to see exactly how middle school band musicians learn and rehearse music. Even if your child is less than eager to practice at home for you, visitors will see how much our musicians love playing their instruments with a group. An audience makes it even more fun!