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July News

Hoopla- Joie de Vivre

Hoopla was a wonderful trip full of building and bonding experiences with all my wonderful Stella-sisters! I highly recommend it to everyone on my team next year. The positive energy created by a group of women is truly powerful in your business, but more importantly in your life! I listened to inspirational stories from key note speakers, Jessica Herrin, Danielle Rednar, Michael Lohner, and Zappos's CEO Alfred Lin and gained hundreds of ideas for my business. Please take some time and listen to these speakers (videos are in the lounge). Completely worth the time. My main take-aways were,

-Booking trunks shows is the back bone of your business, BOOK. BOOK. BOOK. Every succesful stylist said the same thing.

-Share your goals (business or life) - you are more likely to make them happen- it creates accountability.

-Have FUN! This is a fun business! Everyone has fun doing it. Make it fun for yourself and others. Make it part of your JOIE DE VIVRE!

The favourite quotes from Jessica,

"Don't be another year older, be another year better!"

"When you bet on yourself, go all in."

So let's go all in this August team! Home office just announced an extra $50 for all August hostesses! YES! I think we can all get at least one show on the books right? Those who qualify (sell $500) will be entered to win the ivy bangle, already a top seller for the season. Every $500 increment gets you another entry (sell $1000- two entries).

If you haven't been selling for awhile- no worries! this Fall collection and the extra $50 is sure to inspire you and your guests.

Think outside the Trunk Show box:

-So far this summer I have set up a table at a ladies golf night- over $1000 in sales

-Set up a table at a local festival - over $800 in sales

-Done a trunk show at my cabin in the little tiny grocery store/restaurant - over $750 in sales

-plans to host my own show to sell samples and show off the Fall collection

***It's possible girls! I have earned Level one of Rock-Your-Summer and am going for all 4 prizes. Join me-it's FUN!

Grow your own team and layer your income!

Sponsor a friend!

Selling Stella with a friend is so much more fun! Reach out to someone you know would be a great stylist- tell them how much fun, funds and fashion you have added to your life. Spread the love! I would be happy to help you along the way. We have two people on our team who have sponsored so far- let's get more to the party ladies! It is a great way to layer your income! Especially with Christmas coming up, this is the best time to sponsor!

I personally signed up initially for the deal on the jewelry but now have 13 people on my team after only 14 months. It was really by chance. I talked about my new endeavour to everyone and people were excited about it because I am excited about it. Just talk about it to the women you meet at trunk shows and in day to day life. You never know who will be interested. You will be surprised!

Please connect with me if you would like to have a personal conversation about sponsoring.

July Sales

Rachelle $2332

Amy $1951

Janine $1383

Nora $137

Tara $122

Dorothy $83

Check out the Summer Challenge if you haven't already!


Great job to Amy Burden for rocking her jumpstart!

Congratulations to Janine for promoting to Lead stylist and having a killer July! She really is going for the Rock Your Summer challenge! You can do it Janine!

Great job Dorothy for getting on the books this month!

Have a rockin' August ladies!