contaceptive methods

Withdraw vs male condoms.

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Withdraw Method

The withdraw method is when the male withdraws his penis from vagina before ejaculation. This takes a lot of trust in your partner to withdraw at the rite time . Even if done rite it still has a failure rate of 27% . Also does prevent STD's at all.

Male Condoms

The male condom is a latex sheath over the penis . Many people use this contaceptive method because it decreases the rick of stds by 85% . Failure rate is also 15%.

What to ask?

  • What are your life goals . Will children get in the way.
  • Are you financially stable .
  • Are you and your parner ready to live out your life together.
  • Is your education where you want it .

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  • Ovulation-The female ovary releasesan egg into one of her fallopian tube .
  • fertilization-Process by which a sperm joins with an egg to create a new human .
  • implantation-Embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining.

Male Contraceptive Methods

  1. male Condom- This is a sheath that covers the penis during intercourse that prevent 85% of transmission of HIV/AIDS.
  2. vasectomy-A permanent solution where doctors go in and surgically remove the vasdeference .
  3. abstinence- Is simply not doing it .


as you know STD are spread through sexual contact or sharing needles or through birth some can spread through breast milk . so you can contract a std from any bodily fluid or by sexual contact such as ;male-female ,female-female ,male-male or any contact to infected area .

Important Facts

  1. STDs are caused by viruses , bacteria ,or protozoans.
  2. Any one who engages in risky behavior can contract STDs or HIV/AIDs
  3. Many stds cause few symptoms in the early stages.
  4. Some , but not all , can be cured by antibiotics.
  5. There a serious risk to your health .
  6. Vaginal, anal ,oralsex , can cause STD.
  7. You may not know you have one .

What Kind?

  1. chlamydia
  2. gonorrhea
  3. papilloma
  4. genital herpes

Risk Factors

  1. Engage in any type of sexual activity with an infected person ,including vaginal , oral-genital , and anal sex .
  2. Not using a latex condom during each act of sexual intimacy .
  3. Having more than one sexual partner .
  4. Choosing a partner who has had many sexual partners .
  5. Sharing needles or other IV drug injection equipment .


The only for shore 100% contraceptive method against std .


Being responsible is very important for the prevent against std . If you get tested regularly then there will be a lot less risk of spreading std . Once you find out you have a std you should contact other past or present partners.

If Exposed

  1. Contact a health care provider to get tested .
  2. Tell your past partners and present .
  3. Get treated and have regular check ups to insure cure.


  1. Avoid the use of alchoholand other drugs.
  2. Delay the age of first sexual intimacy .
  3. MONOGAMY-have one sexual partner .
  4. Get tested for STD and HIV.