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Lewis Edson Waterman founded his company in New York in 1883 with the invention of a new feeder. He used the capillarity principle which allowed air to induce a steady and even flow of ink. He worked on his invention for ten years before placing it on the market.[1]Waterman got a patent for his new fountain pens in 1884.[2]

Waterman began selling his fountain pens behind a cigar shop and gave his pens a five year guarantee. He opened a factory in Montreal, Canada in 1899, offering a variety of design.

Years following its invention the pen saw many technological changes. Celluloid replaced the hard rubber. This allowed companies to use different colors.

Today Fountain pens are thought of as luxury. Artist use them for expressive penmanship and calligraphy, and professional art . Its thought to have a timeless elegance that the ballpoint pen does not have. Fountain pens are collectables to some people.

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Waterman early 20th century Fountain Pen