SAS Summer 2016 Technology Update

May 2016

What's New Next Year?

Greetings SAS Faculty & Staff!

As the end of another stellar school-year at St. Andrew's winds down, your SAS Technology Department is ramping up for our summer work to prepare for the coming year. Included below is a round-up of some of the exciting changes on the horizon.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to any member of the Tech Team for more information. Your best bet is to email us at

Kindergarten Technology

Building off of a successful first year of iPads in Grades 1-3, Kindergarten students will also be part of our 1:1 iPad program. As always, these devices will live in the classroom and will be woven into the fabric of the curriculum as a tool to enhance learning.

Additionally, we will pilot Newline interactive displays in the Kindergarten space. These will operate on lifts so our youngest students will be able to reach the monitors and interact with the content.

Seesaw Digital Portfolios

This year, Grades 1-3 piloted digital portfolio software by Seesaw. It's earned rave reviews from faculty, students and parents alike. Next school-year we will make a broader commitment to Seesaw in Grades K-5.

The Seesaw digital portfolios allow students to not only capture and create digital examples of their work, but also annotate and explain their learning in the process. Parents are given access to their children's portfolios which allows tremendous transparency.

Grade 6 Chromebooks

With Grade 6 moving under the umbrella of the Middle School program, we will extend our 1:1 Chromebook deployment to include Grade 6 students. As in Grades 7 & 8, each Grade 6 student will be assigned a Dell touch-screen Chromebook at the start of next school-year.

We've seen excellent results from using Chromebooks at these grade-levels, and are excited to continue the joy!

Choice of Upper School Student Laptops

For the coming school-year new Upper School students now have the choice of either a Dell or Apple laptop to use for school. This change has been met with great enthusiasm by incoming students and their parents.

We are striving to remove any barriers students have to their learning when arriving as a new student to SAS. Offering a choice of laptops with different operating systems will provide a smoother transition for students.

Laptop Refresh for Upper School Faculty

Teachers in the Upper School divisions are due for a refresh of their laptops this summer. Building off the choice available for Upper School students, we are offering Upper School Faculty & Staff the option of a Dell or Apple laptop.

We'll let you know when we're ready to swap out your machine, which will likely happen during pre-service week. If we can arrange to distribute them earlier, we will!

Welcome new Technology Department Members

In the coming school-year we will have two new members of our Technology Department:

Alexandra Baird will be our Lower School Technology Coach. Alexandra will be bringing her talents to SAS from the St. Andrew's School (what are the odds???) in Boca Raton, Florida where she has built an outstanding educational technology program. Alexandra will also handle LS Registrar responsibilities.

And, Samantha Davis will be joining our Upper School helpdesk as our Technology Specialist. Samantha is finishing her work at the Bullis School in Potomac, MD and is excited to work with a larger school and move to Austin.

When you see them, please say hello!

And that's just the beginning!

In addition to the broader projects listed above, we will also work on upgrades to our network infrastructure to make all of this work, as well as a large batch of diverse smaller projects.

Most of these projects are a result of the technology request process we started in the Fall. We're glad to be able to fulfill the bulk of your requests. Thanks for being part of that process!

The Technology Team will be hard at work all summer to make these initiatives come to life, but as always please reach out at any point if you have any questions:

Let's do this thing!