The Monster

  • Friendship played an important role to the monster
  • It was the key goal for the monster to develop friendship
  • Lack of friendship led the monster to jealousy and rage


The monster was rejected by everyone including Frankenstein. That's like being rejected by your own parents. It traumatizes a child for the rest of their life and causes them to act out. Like the monster acted out and turned to destruction because no one accepted him.


Importance of friendship

The monster longs for a companion because his life is miserable without the acceptance of humankind. He smiled when he watched Frankenstein create another being because he knows that eventually that being will be his companion and he will no longer be alone. After Frankenstein destroys the half finished being, the monster becomes angry at the thought of not having a companion that his only motivation in life is to destroy his creator.
Friendship is important because they boost our self-confidence. They take us out of our comfort zone because they don't judge us or our decisions. Friends keep us away from loneliness away from becoming depressed. They accept us as we are and everyone wants to feel accepted. They always understand what we're going through no matter what it is and help us through it. It's just nice to know sometimes that you're not alone in the world sometimes.