Come Visit Us, On The Best Place On Earth!


Once you go threw the magic portal you can see the animals talk.First,you can go to the pool to get a nice excersize it's a cube it has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices,the pool is also congruent to Jakes Junkets.After you have a sweet swim go get your hair done at Sullys Salon it has cool design it is a rectangulare prisom with 6 faces, 12 edges,and 8 vertices.Then,after you get you hair done go show it off at Mollys Motel and Diner it's a retangulare prisom it has 12 edges,6 faces,and 8 vertices.After you get a nice meal go get clothesatJake's Junkets it is a cube with 12 egdes,8 vertise.Finnaly,you can go to Cookies Cakes it is a retangulare prisom it has 12 edges,8 vertices,and 12 faces.


We are Petlandya!