Austin Hearrell

London, England

airfare cost and schedule

  • I am leaving from Denver To London UK on May 1st at 11:00 am and will be landing in London in at 7:30 am on May 16th.
  • My flight will cost a total of $2,000 dollars
  • I am flying Canadian airlines


While I am Enjoying my fantastic vacation in London, I will be lodging at the luxurious London Hilton on park lane. Here i can enjoy 24 hour front desk service, Air conditioning, night clubs, a nice restaurant, And much more. Also I wont have to worry about spending money because there is a free 5 star breakfast.,London,England,UK-c28501-h55055-details/2014-05-01/2014-05-16/2guests/expanded/#overview


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One of my Biggest problems is the currency exchange. As you know, When you are in different countries you have to use different money. In London, you have to use money called pounds. So the way i solved this is by taking a taxi to the "Big Four." This way I could spend some money.


Out of 169 countries on the world, I chose London. On this trip my airfair was 2,000 dollars. And I got to stay at the London Hilton hotel. Each night this will cost me 464 dollars a night. So if you are looking for a nice fun filled adventurous trip, I sugjest London.

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