Aerodynamics in Cars

By Alan Ruiz

Why are aerodynamics important in a car design?

Aerodynamics are an important factor on a car's design because an aerodynamic design allows the car to accelerate more easily, have a better fuel economy, and to reduce air resistance by having a smoother and round design.


When a car moves at low speeds its hard to notice how the air around it reacts with the design of the car. But at high speeds you can even feel the air resistance if you stick your hand out side the window. The faster the car moves the more air resistance it generates, and because of that the car can reach a point where it no longer accelerates."George, Patrick E." An aerodynamics design allows the car to accelerate more easily and limits the car less towards reaching higher speeds.

Fuel Economy

The harder a car's engine has to work to move, the move fuel it will burn up. How aerodynamic a car is is measured by using the vehicle's coefficient of drag or Cd. The lower the Cd a car has, the higher the mileage it will have. Cars with an aerodynamic design have better fuel economy.

Air Resistance

Air resistance is also know as drag. Its the wall of air that pushes on a car. When a cars design is aerodynamic the Cd is lower. Aerodynamics are based on the most aerodynamic shape, the tear drop. "What makes a car's design more aerodynamic?- curiosity." "The tear drop has round smooth sides that taper. This configuration is ideal for allowing air to flow more easily, passing around its smooth edges and falling of gently at the end." "What makes a car's design more aerodynamic?- curiosity." For example Race cars aren't fast just because of how strong the engine are. Its fast because of many other things like having good traction or being light in weigh, and one of the many things that allow race cars to be fast is being aerodynamic. A car that is aerodynamic will have less air resistance.


A car that is aerodynamic will accelerate easily, have good fuel mileage, and will have less drag. Aerodynamics are important in a car's design.

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