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North TX Region

Coordinator's Gathering

On Saturday, April 11th, Coordinators from various churches in North Texas gathered for Coffee & Table Talk! It was a time to meet, greet, fellowship, and learn. This was the first of many to come! Our next meeting will be held Saturday, May 16th.

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Thank you!

We are praising The Lord for West Dallas Community Church! They were generous enough to recently furnish the home of one of our Participant Moms in dire need, providing the family with beds, mattresses, living room and kitchen furniture, in addition to other immediate needs. Most important, the WDCC Coordinators are praying for the family and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
One by One Ministries is not only a mentoring program for expectant mothers.... we also share the Gospel. It's through our partnership with Evan Tell that we are able to clearly share our faith with new mothers and their families. At Evan Tell's Annual Luncheon held on April 16th, NTX staff members (and all that attended) were recently encouraged, as well as, equipped, with their new Evangelism Study Bible . We appreciate our continued partnership and thank you!
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CEO in Dallas!

Our CEO Ray Helton recently visited Dallas to officially launch Focus Dallas 2015. Focus Dallas 2015 is a One by One Ministries Initiative that will enlarge and underpin our ministry in Dallas this year. One by One staff is invested in providing ministry opportunities in Dallas for more churches and more believers to share in the cause of providing babies with an opportunity to live and to grow up in a family who honors Christ.

Praise and Prayer

One by One Ministries is grateful for the love and generosity of those willing to pray. Whether in Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio or Waco, we desire for all of our participant moms/dads, new babies, churches, volunteers, givers, partners and staff to be saturated in prayer. Our very own Cel Stoneking , in Memphis, TN shares One by One Praise and Prayer Request for all regions. Please join us in prayer. This is such a beautiful reminder that we are The Church, no matter where we're located!

Please send One by One Praise and Prayer request to:

This month, please join us in praying, for our North Texas Coordinators.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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For One by One Ministries, Mother's Day is very special. It's because of so many of you, that hundreds of new mother's can celebrate this day...with their babies. Praise God!

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