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January 18, 2016

Important Reminders & News - Please Read!

Once again, it's come to our attention that when teachers are out of their classrooms, some leave themselves logged in for a sub or provide the sub with their login/password. We have a unique sub login - WSDSub for our network. The password changes periodically. Subs will be informed of the current password by whomever hires them. (Cindy P., Cindy M., Dee, etc.) Do not keep yourself logged in overnight or share your login information with anyone. This is a confidentiality and security issue.

Related to that, we've also noticed that some students with Chromebooks are not logging out at the end of the day. Clicking on the shelf on the bottom right corner of the screen brings up some choices, one of which is an icon that looks like a power button. Clicking on that not only logs out the user, but also shuts down the Chromebook. Students need to log out every day. Fortunately, the Chromebooks start up quickly!

We just pushed out a new extension to student Chromebooks and the Chrome browser (for students using laptops), called Tab Resize. Use this extension to simultaneously browse two websites or documents without having to toggle between tabs (example: an assigned reading resource on one half of the screen with the assigned questions on the other). This might resemble some SBAC tasks too. Adults might want to add this extension as well. Need a refresher about anything Chromebook related? Here's our WSD Chromebook site, also found at the top of the Daily Pop-Up.

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Above video: Digital Citizenship- Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope students in my exploratory group created short videos in the Book Creator app on the iPad. I strung them together in one video, using WeVideo. Students in Equinox and Mosaic did a similar project.
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New Resources and Graphic Organizers

Introducing Kiddle - a new visual search engine for younger students.

Language Arts Graphic Organizers with Google Drawings

Movie Shorts and Reading Strategies (this one looks highly motivating!)

How to Play YouTube Videos Safely in School (in addition to

Students Self and Peer Assess using Goobric and Doctopus - a slide show with very clear directions.

The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free.

Using Thinglink for Students to Demonstrate Mastery

Creating Digital Notebooks (the example illustrates doing this for science notebooks)

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