Magnetism rocks!

Magnetic Properties

  • All magnets attract or repel other magnetic materials
  • If a magnet is able to swing freely the magnet always points North
  • Magnets attract iron and materials containing iron

Magnetic Field Lines

  • Magnetic field lines shows the magnetic field
  • Magnetic field lines show the strength of a magnet
  • The closer the magnetic field lines are, the stronger the magnet is

Magnetic Poles

  • All magnets have magnetic poles those pose are labeled north and south
  • Opposite poles attract each other
  • Like poles repel each other

Magnetic Force

  • The two types of Magnetic Force are repulsion and attraction
  • Magnetic force is produced when magnetic poles interact
  • An invisible force that acts on all other magnets and all materials containing iron

Magnetic Domains

  • If the domains of the atoms line up the object becomes magnetic
  • To magnetize other materials you rub a magnet one direction