Academic Orientation 2019

Hubbard High School Students: This is for YOU!

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From the School Counselor

Hello Hubbard High School students! I'm excited to join this school district and work with you all to help you reach your life goals. I'm here to offer academic guidance, as well as social-emotional counseling as needed. The following information was presented to high school students and parents at the Academic Orientation on Wednesday, August 29, 2019. This is not a comprehensive list of everything high school entails, but it is a brief overview of what to expect. I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have. --Mrs. Norman
Short Online Questionnaire

Please click the link to fill out the online questionnaire, so I can add your contact information to the school counselor newsletter group and text-remind group. This is how I will keep you all informed.

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What to Expect Freshman Year

  • End-of-Course Exams

    • Algebra I

    • Biology I

    • English I

  • Four Year Plans

  • Subject Selection in January 2020

  • Community Service Hours

  • Class ranking is updated biannually.

  • Begin considering post-graduation plans.

  • Two individual conferences with the school counselor

  • Consider letters of recommendation.

  • Set goals based on career choice and admission requirements.

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What to Expect Sophomore Year

  • Review and adjust four year plans.

  • Subject Selection in January 2020

  • Dual Credit Opportunities with Hill College

  • Refine post-graduation plans.

  • Work on goals based on career choice and admission requirements.

  • Class ranking updated biannually

  • Two Individual Counselor Conferences

  • Community Service Hours

  • PSAT in October is optional

  • ASVAB in October

  • TSI in Spring

  • English II EOC

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What to Expect Junior Year

  • US History EOC

  • Visit colleges based on the program or career of interest.

  • College Fair September 23

  • 2 Individual Counselor Conferences

  • Class ranking updated biannually

  • Dual Credit Opportunities with Hill College

  • ACT or SAT

  • Volunteer Hours

  • ASVAB in October

  • PSAT in October

  • TSI in October, November, December, January, February, & April

  • Subject Selection for Senior Year in January 2020

  • Military Recruiters visit juniors.

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What to Expect Senior Year

  • September 2019

    • Class rank, GPA

    • Goals & College Admissions Deadlines

    • Consider ACT or SAT retakes

    • Scholarship Applications begin

    • College Fair on September 23

    • Plan volunteer hours

    • Consider letters of recommendation

  • October 2019

    • Spring Dual Credit Registration Plans

    • College Days Planned

    • FAFSA Night on October 21 at 5:30 pm

    • Register for ACT or SAT retakes

  • November 1, 2019

    • Apply Texas Workshop

  • January 2020

    • New GPA & Class Rank

    • Continue post graduation planning

  • February 2020

    • 7 photos for Senior Slideshow are due to Mrs. Norman.

    • ASVAB

  • May 17, 2020

    • Baccalaureate for Seniors at FBC

  • May 26, 2020

    • High School Awards Ceremony

  • May 29, 2020

    • Graduation

Opportunities to take the TSI at HHS in September, October, November, January, February, April, & May

Military recruiters visit seniors regularly.

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How do I graduate with Distinguished Level of Achievement?


  1. Up to at least Algebra II in Math

  2. One Endorsement

What are the benefits of graduating with Distinguished Level of Achievement?


  1. Automatic Admission to Texas 4-Year Universities

  2. More Competitive Applicant for Admission to College/Universities

  3. Eligible for TEXAS Grant to help pay for college

What if I choose not to graduate with Distinguised Level of Achievement?

The state of Texas requires that every student entering high school plan to graduate with distinguished level of achievement. Only after the sophomore year can a student opt out of the distinguished plan after reviewing the benefits and having documented parental approval to opt out.
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Foundation High School Program

As of 2014-2015, Texas Education Agency requires that all high school students be on the Foundation High School Program. This is a flexible program that allows students to pursue their interests. There are 22 foundation credits, which is the core of the program, and then there are endorsement options that allow students to focus on a related series of courses. Total credits with an endorsement is at least 26. See the attachment and link below for a greater understanding of the credits that are required for graduation.

Endorsement Options

There are many endorsement options to choose from. See the endorsement link and attachment for more information on endorsements.

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Class rank is determined by a weighted scale.

  • Weighted courses include

    • Pre-AP and AP

    • Dual credit

    • Locally determined honors courses

  • Honors courses include

    • Pre-Calculus

    • Calculus

    • Biotechnology I

    • Biotechnology II

    • Anatomy & Physiology

    • Spanish III

    • Spanish IV

Students are not required to take these courses to be considered distinguished graduates, but they may choose to take these courses and would then receive a more weighted GPA than a student who chose not to take these courses.

Courses Excluded from the GPA

  • Any PE course beyond the first credit

  • Any Fine Arts course beyond the first credit

  • Summer school courses

  • Credit by Exam

  • Credit Recovery

  • Local Credits

  • Cooperative Work Periods

  • Drivers Education

  • Concurrent College Courses

  • Distance Learning through non-approved platforms

  • Pass/Fail Courses

When is class rank determined?

  • Fall and Spring of each year

  • Ranking and GPA are determined at the end of the 4th 9 week grading cycle of the senior year, as grades are available, to determine valedictorian and salutatorian.

  • The valedictorian and the salutatorian shall be the two graduating seniors with the highest rank in class (weighted GPA).

  • Final ranking and GPA will be calculated after all grades are in at the end of the final 9 week grading cycle.

HISD Secondary Student Handbook 2019-2020

For more detailed information on graduation and academic requirements, see the Hubbard ISD Secondary Student Hand Book.

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TSI: Texas Success Initiative

The TSI, or Texas Success Initiative is not a college entrance exam. You can be accepted into college without a TSI score; however, it is a college placement exam. So, in order to show that you are likely to be successful in college-level courses, colleges may require you to take the TSI to see which course levels would be best for you. Also, the state of Texas requires that high schools demonstrate that students are "College and Career Ready." One of the ways to demonstrate that is by passing TSI scores. For these reasons, we offer multiple opportunities for our Hubbard High School students to take the TSI here on campus during the school day. See below for more information on the TSI.
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Juniors, if you have not yet taken your ACT or SAT, this is for you! Juniors and seniors who have already taken their ACT and would like to take it again to imporove scores, this is for you, too!

Students should take either the SAT or ACT or both their junior year of high school. Consider the college options that you would like to pursue, and look at the differences in the tests to determine which ones would best suit your strengths. After receiving your scores, compare them to the entrance requirements that the college of your choice has established. If you need to, you can retake either test your junior/senior year in order to gain entrance to the college of your choice. Also, many scholarship applications require that you report your SAT and/or ACT scores, so you will have to decide if you want to retake the tests for that purpose.

I will be visiting with students about ACT/SAT needs in the near future and helping them to register for the tests if they need me to do so. I will also have fee waivers soon for students who receive free and/or reduced lunch to take the tests at no cost.

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Coming Soon

I am in the process of reviewing all graduation plans. I will be meeting with each student individually to either establish a four year plan if they don't already have one or review their current four year plan. I will also learn from each of you what your goals are so I can help you to accomplish those. I look forward to getting to know you all better and helping you along your paths.
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