Blended Learning Bulletin

March 2021


It has been a while since we last checked in. In Uvalde, we have had quite a bit happen since Nov. 2020, when we published our last bulletin. Between quarantine, the holidays, and a SNOWSTORM in South Texas, we have had so much going on it has been hard to keep track! There are so many great things going on across our district, and we have so much to celebrate for blended learning! Let's Recap from November through February to get you all caught up!

If you are here and wondering what Blended Learning is and why we are implementing it at Uvalde CISD, please check out our website at

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November 2020 - February 2021 Recap

New iPads Are Here!

In November of 2020, every student across UCISD received a brand new, 8th generation iPad with a durable keyboard and case. Our school board and district leaders made a huge investment in these devices along with hot spots for families in need of internet at home to ensure that every student has the resources and tools they need while learning at and away from school.
Mrs. Menchaca's iPad Cleaning Video!

Click the button above to view a TikTok Mrs. Alicia Menchaca, of Morales Junior High, made for students explaining how to properly clean iPads! Thanks Mrs. Menchaca!


DDI is short for Data-Driven Instruction, and it is a fundamental component of blended learning. Each grade level that is participating in the BLGP meets once a week to review student data and make decisions based on that data. Those decisions are what help teachers personalize the learning experience for students. Our teachers are taking off in DDI PLCs and the progress is apparent!
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Natalie Arias Speaks at BLGP/MIZ Panel

Uvalde CISD Blended Learning Specialist, Natalie Arias, spoke on a panel for TEA about blended learning at the BLGP Kickoff Summit in November 2020. Districts across the state of Texas that have also been awarded through the Blended Learning Grant Program were in attendance.

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UBLA Cohort Book Study + Collaboration

The Uvalde CISD Blended Learning Ambassador Cohort is a group of teachers that meets monthly, in their own time, to participate in a book study and learn about best practices associated with blended learning. These teachers have taken the initiative to learn about these new, innovative practices in order to help them grow professionally and meet the needs of the diverse learners in their classrooms. We are so grateful for this group of teacher leaders and all they have committed to this initiative!
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As you may already know, Uvalde CISD adopted a new learning management system under the directive of TEA called Schoology. In November and December of 2020, our district starting communicating this switch to parents, but teachers began learning about this new LMS as early as September. For more information about how to login to Schoology and get access to your student's account, please reach out to your child's teacher.

Schoology Parent Resources

District IXL Achievement

Below you will see that our students have answered a total of 4,247,096 questions this year in IXL. IXL is designed to support students toward authentic skill mastery, and research shows this approach works. When students consistently reach proficiency and mastery of IXL skills, schools see as much as a 16-point bump on state assessments. Research shows that schools, where students answer at least 15 questions per week, outperform all the others ( This year, the campuses that must use IXL for the TEA Blended Learning Grant are Dalton, Robb, Flores, and Batesville Elementary for grades Kindergarten, 3rd, and 6th. However, every student in the district in grades PK-8th grade has access to IXL for Math. For questions about how to get your student logged in to IXL, please reach out to your child's Math teacher.
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Campus Achievement

Schools that use IXL across all grade levels see greater growth on state assessments and IXL schools are outperforming others! And the longer they use IXL, the better they do. Research also shows that school performance continues to improve after using IXL for 2 and 3 years. Check out how great the schools within Uvalde CISD are doing using IXL!

Top IXL Students at Uvalde CISD

Please join us in congratulating the following students for being the top IXL students at their respective campuses!

Jerilynn Reyna, 246 skills mastered, Dalton Elementary

Jacob Prado, 192 skills mastered, Robb Elementary

Zoey Collins, 406 skills mastered, Flores Elementary

IXL Parent Resources

Wondering how to get your student started on IXL? Check out this parent handout in English and Spanish! For questions about how to get your student logged in, please reach out to your child's classroom teacher.

Have you heard?

We have a podcast! Paw Print Pause is a weekly professional development podcast for Uvalde CISD teachers and friends, however, parents and community members are encouraged to listen in to learn more about the topics that impact their students, too! The ultimate goal of blended learning is to create a 1 size fits 1 learning experience for our students. We want them to be challenged, but we also want them to know they can be successful no matter where they start, and that they have the power to take ownership of that pathway paved just for them. That is what our podcast is all about! Helping teachers understand the value in the little pieces of teaching and learning that, together, make a big impact!

Listen to the Paw Print Pause Podcast here:

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