Civil War

Shelby Kraxner

Compromise of 1850

Senator Clay helped the city of Kentucky settle the Missouri crisis of 1832-33 . He designed ideas to give both sides things they wanted. California would enter the Union as a free states, but that would upset the balance so Henry Clay works out a compromise. In the compromise California becomes a free state, and Utah and New Mexico enter the union and people get to vote on whether they are a free state or a slave state. The last part of the compromise is they put a stricter version of the fugitive slave act.

Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854

president Pierce was hoping that the conversation about slavery was done. They wanted to expand slavery and the North would be more mad. This would turn the Louisiana purchase into two new territories Kansas, and Nebraska. He made a conflict between pro- slavery and antislavery.

John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry (1859)

A raid on Harpers Ferry. Was an attempt By John Brown to start a Revolt. He wanted his army to be armed strongly. He wanted to seize the united states arsenal at Harpers Ferry.