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By Seth D White

The Real Cost of Food

Mexican farmers need to be paid more because, it isn't fair that american farmers get paid more than anybody else. When General Washington said that everybody is treated equally on August 23,1963 it should have made american people actually change but did they? The answer to that would be, No which totally swells. All farmers that work hard to grow their food and to keep it fresh for people should be paid the same. Just to because they are Mexican doesn't mean they should be paid unfairly.

Just like you other farmers out there Mexican farmers do their job just as well. So should you be paid more than them just because your an American or should they be paid the same? One thing that is really weird if you thing about it we have an African American president and there are African Americans all around the world that President Obama knows about and he doesn't even bother to help them but the things that he does to Mexican farmers are so wrong. he sends the police to their houses to arrest them for speaking out saying they need to be paid fairly like everybody else and they have a right to speak out.

Mexican Farmers being Paid unfair for their hard work

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An American Tragety

This political cartoon was made because of the alcohol prohibition act. "its increasing potency as a divisive cultural issue in American politics. The seemingly unbridgeable chasm that had yawned before the Democratic Party in 1924 would, by 1928, engulf the general election. On one hand, urban politicians increasingly began to extol the virtues of drinking and deplore the vices of Puritanism."

New inventions for World War 1

One invention was the flammenwerfer, also known as the flamethrower was introduced by Germany. It was used to destroy enemy territory, blocking paths by burning trees down and to burn their enemies alive. Another invention was barbed wire which was introduced by France was used to mark a certain part of land or to injure their enemies or anything that challenged them. The last invention would be sulfur mustards also known today as mustard gas

Dear Future Women...

I have been thrown in the Occuquan Prison for trying to get women the right to vote. Why should we women be thrown in prison with horrible conditions because we want to speak out to have the right to vote. Are we not American citizens? Do we not have the freedom of speech just like men? Just because we are women means we cant vote? What did we do to earn the treatment that we are getting? We work so hard to make people happy and to keep our homes and children clean and nice for any people that come over. What do men do, they ask us to clean this, cook that, get them ready. We should be respected for what we do. if anybody women should vote because of how hard we work to keep our community clean and healthy.

I am in prison and have been force fed for the third time with my left nostril now broken. I have been in a hunger strike not giving up trying and trying to be victorious and win these women and the women of the future the right to vote for the president that will save us and bring us peace with the world.

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Help the Soldiers get their food!!!

You never want to have left overs but if you have some send the rest to the soldiers! they are hungry and we cant win the war without food. we cant win this without you!