POINT Student Ministries

Pointing students to Jesus!

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Sundays @ 9am (Students serve around ECC) and 10:45am (Point Student Service).

House Church

Wednesday, May 10th, 6:30-8:30pm

8281 Wood Street Southeast

Covington, GA

The Berrys' House!
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"Glorious" - Our current teaching series, focusing on the glorious nature of God and of knowing and enjoying Him, through personal relationship.

"Glorious" - Parent Link

God - the one true, almighty, holy, sovereign God of the Bible - is nothing short of Glorious. All that He is, says, and does is right and just. He is never empty or lacking, never desperate or needy, never lost or confused. He is, as Paul puts it in Ephesians 3, gloriously rich in his nature and character.

It is out of His glorious riches, then, that God pours out His grace, wisdom, and all blessings in to the lives of His people - the Church. He desires to gives us all that we need in order to know, enjoy, and glorify Him...forever!

For the next 3 weeks, in The Point, we will be studying Ephesians 3:14-21, in the hope of growing and abiding in a glorious relationship with the Glorious One.

Do this at home:
There is nothing more essential to having a glorious relationship with God, through faith in Jesus Christ, than reading and applying His Word to our lives! Scripture is the key that unlocks the kind of life to which we are called in Christ.

Throughout this series, students will be challenged to read the book of Ephesians - 2 chapters per week, for 3 weeks. They will receive a bookmark to take hope, which contains the reading plan and some helpful tips for their reading.

Parents: Encourage your child to take this seriously! Hold them accountable in their reading (reading it WITH them, may be the best thing you can do). Lift up the value of knowing God by spending time with Him in His Word and prayer every day. This will serve your child well, in life. Scripture is the life-blood of a true and lasting faith, which stands the test of time. Now is the time for your child to make God's Word the foundation for life.

If I can be of any service in this endeavor, please let me know. You're in my prayers!

In Christ,
Kurt Petersheim
Student Pastor - ECC, Covington Campus
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