Interchangeable Parts/Mass Prod.

By:Triet Nguyen

Eli Whitney

American Inventor

What did the topic do?

Sped up the making of goods like guns,clocks,and lock by having machine manufacture each part. All machine made parts were exactly alike.

When was the topic used?


Where did the topic have the most impact -North or South or West ? Why there?

North - the use of interchangeable parts in mass production (called the ''American System of Manufacture'')became the foundation of the Northern economy.

Why is the topic important enough to be in history book?

Whitney invented machines to make interchangeable parts which made possible mass-production-the foundation of industrial development in America.

How did the topic change american life in the 1800's?

Whitney's invention set the course for an argricultural sourthern economy and an industrial northern economy.

What did the topic look like?

AT 217, TB 332